Monday, August 16, 2010

two additional "trading" pictures

just two more pictures of the last series "trading"
because the mighty alliance is not that easily exhausted ;)


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hi everybody
it's some time ago I posted something
well, I still don't have much time do render anything or try something new, so I can't really learn something new or work on scenes the way I want, but at least I have managed to render some pictures so far...
I am not totally satisfied with these, but they weren't that bad to delete them instantly
I really want to render scenes in a quite more realistic way, they don't should look like 3D
I am really jealous of hitman, who got into cinema 4d that fast and doing awesome pictures
I haven't even figured out how to move cameras or your view in c4d -.-
I really hope that I will find some more time to work and experiment on my own skills so that I can show some really good stuff

well... here are the newest pictures, without postworking yet...


---scene story---
since the horde and the alliance are in conflict with each other, young women of the other factions became an even more desirable target
so an orc slave-mistress is offering one of her younger bloodelves to heroes who are not affraid of the delicious and tight, mana-sucking beasts they are...
but by all the "might" with that the alliance is taming that little beast, even the strong and mighty orc can't resist this mightiness and needs some of that special mana...