Monday, May 13, 2013

these girls are melting down my pc

seriously, after rendering it over night, I watched my core temperature (because there were allready some problems with the performance) and saw that one core sometimes reached 100°C

Well, five years of rendering and pushing the core the it's maximum sure got on the hardware.
I hope I can afford a new one by the mid/end of the year.

here are the hot ladies

I know that some of you want more vaginal than anal sex, but I simply love to look at her whole body with her beautifull pussy fully visible
not to mention her great shaped breasts ;)

if erogenesis finds a solution for the problem with his lali bits not working with some clothes/ after loading/ after adding M4, I will do more vaginal sex scenes
right now there are to many errors when rendering it with queue manager, because of loading it into it

Here another combination of several clips to fit together
even tried do a climax for him (well its rather quick and short, but that's how it is usually, right :P)



Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Sumuner has started a scavager hunt where the winner can name one of his girls.
He hid some pictures of his (yet) nameless girls on several blogs.
If you find one, you can name her, if you are the first one who found her.
For more information visit his site and go for the hunt!


I just got mail from smith micro
they are about to release a new Poser version in two weeks allready xD
Poser 10 & Poser Pro 2014

some really cool new features will be the fitting room
if it works like I imagine, I can use all my clothes without problems of missing morphs
one barrier gone (I hope)

another nice new thing are the bullet physics with soft body painting options
you know what this means, right?
jiggling boobs!!!!!!!

they are also adding subdeviding surfaces, which I hope, will help creating scenes with lower polycount and so there will be a better workflow
but for this you must start with a low poly figure
it propably won't work with the V4 figure, because she allready is high poly and as far as I know subdevide surface only devides surfaces (like the name says) into more surfaces, which will increase the polycount

well, can't wait to get my hands on it

Saturday, May 4, 2013

castanic WIPs

Got a really tight schedule this semester
sleep and freetime is a very rare thing right now...
finally got a weekend on my own to catch up on some things but allready wasted one day of it for sleep and 3D-crap
crap because I couldn't decide what to do exactly
couldn't set up scenes I was satisfied with, so I started new ones and throw them away later...
kind of burned out right now
nevertheless, here is what I did:

not everything is from today, but these are some ideas I started but couldn't finish