Monday, August 26, 2013

more WIP's and stuff... like new Design

now everyone will notice that I changed a lot of the design of my blog, together with the header, banner and my avatar portrait
the watermark of future stuff will be like the header
btw the girls are castanic and bloodelf to keep my two interests up on the top

some sidenote
you might know the flashgame: SuperDeepThroat
sadly Konashion is no where to find, as far as I know, but other people are still doing mods for it, because it is awesome

and if you like castanic and other pointy ear women as much as I do, you should check this link:
the guy made a really nice castanic mod! and other cool mods as well, so happy searching and creating new girls in SDT

back to my stuff
I worked on Sylvanas again:

Still not quite satisfied with her body and skin

More productive is the work with my castanics:
I worked on different skins and outfits, together with hair color and makeup
I stayed with the first and the last one
you may see my castanic textures and horns on Zafos and Eclesi4stik sites in the future
So check them out and see how castanics turn out with their artist style ;)

Yeah I was kinda busy the last 2 weeks with it
I have so much ideas right now, but they are too much right now xD because don't finish the first idea, but instead go on to the next one
well, the next update has to wait until I have finished some of them and until I know what to do with these sets

I am seriously thinking of becoming a vendor
the extra money would be helpfull, for Octane, or new hardware
I am putting a lot work and time into each project

An image set with a little "story" and some animations (maybe as flash file)
Or selling my castanic texture set, with some new build horns for every hairstyle

but I will ask some of the other artists who are allready selling their work, on how this is done and/or how much the fee is to sell it on specific site like, affec3d or renderotica

Tell me what you think of that idea
and of my creations above