Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PC problems... again...

I'm sorry for being so quite the last time
good news: I allready got something finished rendering, only need some postworking and watermarks

bad news: I had to reinstall my windows and every programm, because of that shitty starforce copy protection
and the system recovery tool deleted every single exe-file on my pc, so I lost every single 3D object that was saved in a selfextracing exe-file, which means everything from DAZ 3D and other sites...
it will be a hell of a work to get them back and a lot of traffic... and I don't think a will get everything back...
good thing I had a backup of my whole runtime folder so are "only" the packed files lost

just had to write down my frustration somewhere -.-

have a better week than I

btw @ chromespec:
these models can't be found somewhere besides in my gallery
these are costum models out of the Victoria 4 model