Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy new.... oh...

Hey there.
Yeah, first post in 2016.
I was working on some new years presents, but it didn't turned out as I wanted and I needed to redo it from scratch, and with a lot of work popping up shortly after new year, there wasn't much time to work on it again.
Also wanted to do a birthday present for REXX, who had in december, but I also wasn't satisfied with it. Sorry Rexx.
Some think my absence here is because I lost interesst, but I simply don't have time to deal with everything at the same time.
Aaaaaand I don't like most of my stuff, I created. It's just not good enough for me.
That's why I am not sharing much these days.

But as you can imagine, I wouldn't post if I doesn't had something to post.

The following one is also some kind of preview of works I did. I just assembled them here.


Yeah MEGA download is also available this time, but since I am not having a paid account, I have no clue how long it will stay online. Just an attempt to make it easier for you to download.

As an example of "assembled" work from above, here is also one single animation


And here, have some Candy...er.. Castanic
Well, it's the same anyway. Both is sweet and delicious.
But is this case, it's sucking you like a lollipop.

Now it was her turn to make you feel good...
Her head goes slowly down. Softly biting your bottom lip, pulling it a bit as she moves on.
Kissing your neck... your chest... breathing on it slowly.
Kissing every single muscle on your belly, giving each a little smooch on the way down.
Her palm sliding along the bottom of your shaft as she simultaneously kisses her way from the hilt to the top.
Feeling a little tickle as she opens her mouth, breathing softly against the head of your rock hard member and let it all slide inside. Moving her head slowly back and forth, pressing her lips tightly around on every pull. Sucking and licking on it as if she had a popsicle melting in her mouth and not wanting a single drop go to waste.



Her tight pressed lips sliding down easily all the way to the hilt.
Humming a little moan as it slids down her throat.
Her tongue tickling the bottom of your shaft on every movement.
She enjoys herself pleasing you. Each little moan, when her lips get close to the hilt and where you can feel her breath on your bottom stomach, are proof of that.


These are not my usual animations with different speed and so on. These are the bare animations.
I thought the ones with the same animation loops in different speed are only usefull when with sound.


Added a little text to some images, trying to achieve a little passion, some sensual touch to it.
Did that also to the last Halloween gift.