Sunday, September 14, 2014

Last pre-Octane pack + WIP's

I just got my pc back after 2 months, finally with both cards again.
Hopefully it will last now for some time more than just 4 months.

So first here is the pack of all clips I posted before:

And some previews of what I am working on.
A lot is still in early stage, but now I can work on it again if.

Someone asked about a nightelf that looks like this and here it is:


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last pre-Octane animations

The winners of the name contest got their premium account via mail,
and here are the last pre-Octane animations I made some time ago.
If I think about it, they are nearly one year old...
Some are OK, others not so much, but this way you get so see them as well

First of 22 files:

I was playing with IDL above and this one below is without

some big goblins




Thursday, August 7, 2014

GOD OF hardWeAR +Contest

The god of hardwear doesn't like me at all...
One of my graphic cards broke again some weeks ago and I have to wait for Gainward to repair it for at least two months, like it was with my first card (yeah both gainward cards broke once in nine months of owning them!)
And I wanted to make a contest for you to own a free uploaded premium account when I update mine and combine it with some new uploads,
BUT my internet is down for more then a week and it will be offline for at least another week.
I am using my smartphone for a hotspot, but that isn't really fast and doesn't have much traffic, but my uploaded account runs out and I need to pay another fee or all files that weren't downloaded for 30 days will be deleted, and that I obviously don't have the connection to upload them again I will just update my account now, before that happens.

Now since I can't upload nor receive big pictures, I will change my planned contest to something less traffic consuming.

TKSB Name Contest

You simply have to suggest me good names for my heroines!
My characters lack of good names and I really often can't think of any.
You can give every single castanic girl (different hairstyle) a different name.
You can think of new names for Sylvanas, Whitemane etc.
You can suggest names in generall, but a prefered race would be good, like elf, human, castanic or whatever.

Send all your suggestios to my mail account and use as titel: "TKSB Name Contest"
Because I need an email adress to send you the premium account.

Prizes are:
1x 3 month UL premium membership
3x 48 hours UL premium membership

Please try to send me only one email with your name suggestions, since you can only win one of the prizes.
If you have forgotten some, or thought of new names, you can send me another email, but if I receive more than 3 mails from one and the same person, he/she will be disqualified for spamming.
So please keep it simple :)

I will accept entries until sunday 17.08.
and announce the winner on monday.

(the 3month premium account must then be activated until the 21.08.!!!)

Even though I can't upload anything new when the contest ends, you still will get something new to download.
I have some "pre-Octane" animations still on my UL account which I haven't shared with you yet, so you will get some of these.

I hope that is something you can live with and that you will help me with good names in return for a free premium account.
I will continue working, but I hope the god of hardwear won't strike me again.

seems like my powersupply is damaged as well....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preparing a contest

Damn time is running like hell,
Nearly two months again since my last post, but it felt like just days...
Sorry about that, but I have a lot to do.
Do you know that feeling when you worked through the night and the next whole day. And when you try to remember something from the day before, it feels like it happened today, because you haven't slept and didn't noticed two days has passed and not just one.
I had that feeling a lot last weeks.

BUT, as stated above, I am preparing a contest for you.

The price:
3 Month Premium Account for

And maybe 2x 48h Premium Account
(but I don't know if I get a the trial account for paying with collected points)

I am going to release some clips
And to reduce waiting times when you download them, I offer you this contest to win a premium account ;)

More about that contest is coming soon.
I just wanted to inform you, that you know it when it starts.

For now, just preview images of what is coming:

You may know her from my race chart
She is a new Bloodelf character with blue hair
While rendering, I noticed that blonde/ golden hair looks really good on her too

I also changed her eyes back to not glowing ones
You can express way more sensation with the eyes looking really back at you ;)
Also, I haven't found a good setting for the glowing eyes yet
Here some example of what the problem is:

The glowing is even visible when the eyes are shut...
I reduced the glowing, but then it doesn't look like glowing at all, so I went back to the normal green eyes.

And here just some images of short animations which will also be released

I just recognize, only blowjobs right now xD
But there will other postions as well later

So stay tuned


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Race Chart

Well, it was brought to my attention that my races are not the size they are in the game, compared to each other. Not that it is so important, but I allways thought it was right the way I did it.
So it is somehow important if I want to make a bloodelf look like a bloodelf, because size matters.

I used the chart to compare my figures again and see how they look like togehter.
I also added figures I am working on right now.

As you can see, there are two Sylvanas versions.
A Banshee queen and a living elf version. The body is allready edited and got bigger boobs and hips.
I also edited the NightElf again and made a new BloodElf body.
The male figuers are as comparison.
The number above the figures are the procentural number of the regular M4 or V4 figure.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nightelves and Sylvanas WIPs

I worked on some nightelves again since I started to redo them for Octane but had problems with octanes material editor and now it's working again.

The pink one looks quite good. The blue one is not as good as I hoped. But you tell me what she could be missing.

Sylvanas is close to the blue nightelf (even in the lore, Sylvanas is more of a bloodelf) I decided to work on her again too.

Maybe even bigger breasts?
She is so badass, she needs to look luscious.

jsut a comparison to the bloodelf body