Sunday, November 1, 2015


Hey everyone.
I wanted to post something months ago, but during the week I am so exhausted when I come home and I put if off again and again and again.
It has been nine months now since the last post, which is an incredible long time for you guys, but for me time was just passing by. Not really in the good - "Oh yeah, I have so much fun"- way. Rather - "Oh damn, I have so much to do"- way.
My days got into boring routine: Go to work in the morning, working 7-11 hours, coming back, checking stuff like HF and go to sleep, sometimes playing a bit of Tera, but that's it.
At the weekends I am trying to do a bit of 3DX with Poser and trying to learn stuff with Blender, so I can switch completely to it for my 3DX.

I had a big motivation downtime because of my pc.
You may remember the problems I had with it shortly after buying. Well it got even worse.
But to sum it all up: in the two (well, less than two) years of owning, I had to work with just one graphic card for more than 8 months, one was allways in repair, plus more than 2 months completely without any working pc. So all my motivation went down, because everytime I wanted to start something, the pc was broken somehow....
I got it hopefully fixed now. But "fixed" isn't the right word for it. I had to invest another big amount of money to make it work. Which also required a big load of work and nerves to deal with.

So I was basicly just too lazy to post anything, because it needed some brain-activity, which I couldn't spare.
Because of that I lay all my Patreon plans and whatsoever on ice, because it means keeping things updated and do social networking, advertising and stuff. I just can't handle it right now.
If was doing this fulltime, I could make it happen, and a lot of cool stuff would come from this. But it is just a hobby of me and right now, I don't find enough time for it.
On the other hand, if I demand money for it, I may be more motivated, because it brings me money xD.
I will think about that. I definitly need a plan for it to work out properly.

BUT, yes there is a promising butt...
But I am still working on 3DX, because I love making it.

I just can't do it as often as I want to and I am also not often satisfied with the results or the possiblities Poser gives me.
Poser is a great tool and a lot of artists like the awesome Erogenesis do great stuff with it, but I am not investing more time into it. I am concentrating on Blender.
But for a lot of questions, I can't just ask my normal friends with Blender knowledge: "Hey man, how can I make a rig for nude figures, where the vagina will spread correctly?"
Or: "Damn, I've got all these awesome nude figures for SFM, but I want them to use in Blender, but the importer doesn't work well. Do you have any idea to solve this?"

Help is a bit rare for these specific tasks.
I know that some 3DX artists are using Blender as well, and some SFM Modder work with Blender as well. I need to find and contact them somehow, maybe I will get the help I need.

When I am through with a retopo of the the castanic game figures, I also want to get in contact with Ellowas, who is a great rigger and animator with Maya and 3D Max.

Sadly Blender is a bit out-of-date when it comes to import games files.
It may can export Unreal files without problems, but the import script is old as shit and still "in progress" (which haven't been touched for more than 2 years).
Unreal animations doesn't work, but at least importing the meshes is working "ok"...
(Still bugs with bones and postioning, but that can be fixed easily)

But I got this beauty without triangles and with a rig, that suites my needs (and other needs). together with the armors attached, it will be awesome to animate with Blender, and build up scenes on my own.

Blender would even give me the tools to make 360 degrees videos for your Oculus.
I have done that for other content, and it would be awesome.
Maybe even interactive with Unity.
I was working with Unreal Engine 4, which is also free, but they are not quite as good for VR than Unity.

But that's still future talking for my 3DX as long as I don't have everything working in Blender.

That's how it is now.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to respond as soon as possible, but please don't be frustrated if it takes some time.
I could use an assistant to handle all that. Female, good looking, beeing perverted as I am, in Germany... anyone?.... no one?... damn...


It's blowing... I mean glowing in the dark

Happy Halloween:
Be warned, it's with sound!

ugly UL download

I would have thought that people would be more excited about videos with sound again.
A bit disappointing.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Korra and plate armor

Hey there
Working with Blender slowly get some results. Right now I am looking for tutorials to make clothes for poser in blender and rig them in poser.
But let me show you my castanic lancer first.

She sure doesn't ride any mount. If she got the chance for a legendary, everything else has to wait.

Handling her weapon isn't the only reason why she is called a lancer...

After christmas I made myself a present and bought a new hair from Ali which looks just a little like the hairstyle of Korra and I tried to make my own 3D Korra model
I am not happy with the face yet,  but I wanted to show you my private Korra

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Hi everyone.
It may be a bit late, but I hope you had some nice hollidays and 2015 started well for you.

I had a difficult time at the end of 2014 and 2015 didn't start any better.
A lot to do. I am at work from dawn to dusk and even at weekends.
Good thing is I am getting better with Blender, bad thing, I don't have much time for Poser and I still have issues with my pc, which is now way too loud to let it run over night, while trying to sleep beside it. The pc seems to finally run properly. Wow, finally.... after one year of downtimes again and again... (the pc was completely new and not cheap)
But to keep it from overheating again, the service set the chasis fans on maximum all the time...
And I said in detail before purchasing, that I need a render pc that is as silent as possible.
50-60db? That's not silent.
Besides these troubles, which are slowing me down, I am also fighting a flu for a month now, since I didn't cured it before christmas because of stress getting another project done.
The more I want to expand my blog, the more problems appear.
We will see what 2015 will bring us.
So far I hope I can give you a little pleasure with the posted picture.
But I also have again a small update on the old "Wilderness" animations before Octane

A quick question at the end:
What do you think about me putting my video clips on patreon but without the watermark and WITH sound?
With the method per uploaded video, not per month, of course. You see how rare I post lately.
Every video would still be posted here for free, but just as it is now, without sound and with the watermark.

How does this sound? Fair? Not fair? Would that be something some of you are interested in?

Give me your thoughts about that.
If it seems good, I would spend these endless hours to finally organize my sound fx library again and add some pepper.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Females Opinion and Deesky Tribute

I was just asking myself what others think about my work, especially the female watchers, if there are some.
What does the female fellowers think of the animations I am doing? (not only the one posted below, but in general)
I guess guys like it, because I am one and I like it. That is one reason why I have so many blowjobs animations here. The other one is that blowjobs are quite good to animate and variate at the same time.
I am quite curious about how many female "pervs" (or sexual open minded) are around here or if this is still a male territory.

Another thing.
I sometimes want to make my animations a bit more intimate. Not just simply raw fucking, which can be good sometimes, but some kind of relation ship and love.
You know, sometimes you wanna go nice and slow on your girlfriend. Just touching the smooth skin, kissing her entire body and have as much contact with her body, because it simply feels good.
I found the pictures of Deesky on HF who does a lot of Korra fanfic hentai and allways adds such sweet emotions into her pictures. Nevertheless it's tender or just funny.
Check her page out yourself, no matter if you are Korra fan or not, it's still awesome.

One picture of her I found pretty beautifull and wanted to recreate it with my castanic girl and with all that tenderness it contains.
So I tried to copy that pose and animate it. What do you think?
 A smaller resolution in case the bigger one can't be displayed correctly by Blogger.

It is just a minor animation. I may work on it more and make a bigger loop with it.


Limbs have that weird trembling when moved with Inversed Kinematics.
I don't know how to get rid of it. If I animate with programs like Cinema or SFM, they adjust themself correctly, but Poser makes this weird shit....
And you don't really see it while in viewport, because it is only a 1 frame thing and when looping it, you can't really see in the viewport.
Only after rendering you see it.
I try to find someone who can help me with that but most 3DX artists around here are doing only stills.
Having several issues with animations lately. Not only that trembling but also clothes fitting while bending and stuff.
With stills you can allways adjust it somehow to look good at the moment, but with animations you just want the clothes to just work and not fix every single frame.

I got offered a Blender tutorial and really want to start it right now, to go away from Poser and create more own content with exact fitting clothes and better bendings and stuff.

But if anybody knows some ways to help me with these IK problems, please contact me :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hallo there, Hallo Ween

If your parents ate all your halloween candy, here is at least some eye-candy Jimmy Kimmel can't take away from you!

I also worked on some figures:

A Nightelf and her DeathKnight alter ego

Also a new Castanic

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Thanks for all the replies now :)
I know it's not so easy to comment on all new posts, because most people can't give any critics about that field they don't know so much about.
But I need some feedback about what I am doing, to improve myself and learn some more.
Sometimes comments are something like this: "Great work." or "I love you.", which is really nice to read ;) but often there aren't any comments at all, besides the ones mentioned in the last post.
Comments that files are broken are important as well, because I need to know if my files are damaged, but it's really frustrating if you wait for some critics and just get such comments just because he/she was to lazy to check twice.
The question why I use a password even if it is displayed public on my blog is, that it's only displayed there. My blog says it has adult content and I added extra lines to make clear what content is displayed here. So this is mainly to keep me out of most trouble.
If you download my video files via JDownloader for example, it will automatically unzip it with the password you copied into it. This way a wrong password shouldn't be any problem anymore.
Another thing:
If you want to download one of my video files (which are packed with 7ZIP), and you get an .exe file to download you most certainly have virus which has hacked itself between your browser and the sites your browsing, altering it for it's purpose to get on your harddrive.
(Or soemthing like that. But you definitly need better protection while browsing and hats made out of aluminium isn't what I meant)

If you cannot play my video files even if there are downloaded and extracted correctly, check that you have that same media player and codec I used. Details are on the sidebar.

Why do I stay with UL? Well I have paid for it and so my files are staying. If I choose another free hoster, my files will disappear after some time not downloaded.
As you may noticed I often post with a long time period in between, which is caused by my lack of free time. Keeping that in mind, if a file goes offline, people want them to be re-uploaded, which is understandable, but I can't and don't want to do that most of the time.
Do you know any good free hoster which can offer me that my files are staying without any time limit?
Some of you mentioned zippyshare and mediafire.
If you got one for me that suits my needs, I will definitly look into it :)

I guess blogspot is kind of outdated.
Most people use tumblr now, so this is where I might head to. I might also be more active in a forum for erotica like darknest and affect3d. There is a bigger number of artists like me, but then again I have to post every post on several places.
There comes my lazyness and lack of time. But this sounds way to much like "wee wee" now, so I just cut it here.

I really appreciated you comments in the last post.
It showed me that still a lot of people are reading and enjoying my posts.
I don't want you to comment on everything, because if you don't want to you don't have to.
But please keep in mind that it's nice to know that you are still there and enjoying it, and without comments I can't really see that.
And it is good to know that few words about the setting like the ones for the blue haired castanic girl, can inspire your fantasy. I can do that more often.

This red-head castanic girl was looking for some easy loot and attacked two orcs fighting each other.
But as soon as she attacked, the orcs turned their attacks towards her.
Only then she realized that she was still wearing her bikini instead of her battlegear.
Her bikini was quickly ripped off by their attacks and she was defensless.
After that the fight between the orcs began anew ,but this time with her inbetween...