Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preparing a contest

Damn time is running like hell,
Nearly two months again since my last post, but it felt like just days...
Sorry about that, but I have a lot to do.
Do you know that feeling when you worked through the night and the next whole day. And when you try to remember something from the day before, it feels like it happened today, because you haven't slept and didn't noticed two days has passed and not just one.
I had that feeling a lot last weeks.

BUT, as stated above, I am preparing a contest for you.

The price:
3 Month Premium Account for

And maybe 2x 48h Premium Account
(but I don't know if I get a the trial account for paying with collected points)

I am going to release some clips
And to reduce waiting times when you download them, I offer you this contest to win a premium account ;)

More about that contest is coming soon.
I just wanted to inform you, that you know it when it starts.

For now, just preview images of what is coming:

You may know her from my race chart
She is a new Bloodelf character with blue hair
While rendering, I noticed that blonde/ golden hair looks really good on her too

I also changed her eyes back to not glowing ones
You can express way more sensation with the eyes looking really back at you ;)
Also, I haven't found a good setting for the glowing eyes yet
Here some example of what the problem is:

The glowing is even visible when the eyes are shut...
I reduced the glowing, but then it doesn't look like glowing at all, so I went back to the normal green eyes.

And here just some images of short animations which will also be released

I just recognize, only blowjobs right now xD
But there will other postions as well later

So stay tuned


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Race Chart

Well, it was brought to my attention that my races are not the size they are in the game, compared to each other. Not that it is so important, but I allways thought it was right the way I did it.
So it is somehow important if I want to make a bloodelf look like a bloodelf, because size matters.

I used the chart to compare my figures again and see how they look like togehter.
I also added figures I am working on right now.

As you can see, there are two Sylvanas versions.
A Banshee queen and a living elf version. The body is allready edited and got bigger boobs and hips.
I also edited the NightElf again and made a new BloodElf body.
The male figuers are as comparison.
The number above the figures are the procentural number of the regular M4 or V4 figure.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nightelves and Sylvanas WIPs

I worked on some nightelves again since I started to redo them for Octane but had problems with octanes material editor and now it's working again.

The pink one looks quite good. The blue one is not as good as I hoped. But you tell me what she could be missing.

Sylvanas is close to the blue nightelf (even in the lore, Sylvanas is more of a bloodelf) I decided to work on her again too.

Maybe even bigger breasts?
She is so badass, she needs to look luscious.

jsut a comparison to the bloodelf body

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter WIP's

A few days off, but no pc to work with
but still got some works in progress

made some small gifs for you

a lot of them are older and need to be updated/fixed/finished

Monday, April 7, 2014

WIP's as gifs

 Just some tests and wips
gif files aren't really good quality, but this way you don't have to download test animations from UL

Here I tried different blowjob animations
it is the same base animation, only the lips are different
I tried with magnets (first time ever) and some morphs

I think the second one looks most realistic
what do you prefer?

and for the wow fans, here a bloodelf and a fell orc

most of these animations were to test the parenting

Friday, April 4, 2014

Octane update

OTOY announce Octane v2 and it finally contains displacement mapping....
A feature I was expecting to be at least in the v1.x release, because it's a basic texture feature in 3D software!

Another update was the 1.5 of the standalone renderer and the plugins.
I installed the updated the plugin for Poser, it has some nice additions, but the custom figures I made are not really compatible with the new update... I have to re-build a lot of the materials... which is a pain in the ass.
The Texture scaling has a problem with the old version and I get a lot of errors.
But it's not effecting everything, which is kind of worse, because this way I have to look on every figure/prop it there is an error to be fixed or not
Otherwise I stumble on it while rendering

A lot of work just for an update :(

and here something bad from sfm

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parenting Problem Solved!

Just a quick info, for everyone else who had this problem with parenting bodyparts (hands, feet) from one figure to another (V4, M4).
(Don't know if the problems are with the Poser original figures/content, because I don't use them and deleted them from my Runtime.)

I posted the problem one post before with the deforming of the parented body parts, which won't normalize again after de-parenting.

Well, if you want to move the hands of M4 with the exact movements of V4 hips for example, here is quick guide:

  1. poser figures, M4 hands on V4 hips
  2. use inverse kinematics - LeftArm, RightArm
  3. select Left Hand
  4. Menu - Object - Change Parent...  -> parent to V4 hip
      (If you have allready animated V4 hip, hand will automatically move.)
  5. repeat step 3 and 4 for the Right Hand
  6. animate your M4 and V4 until you are satisfied
  7. use inverse kinematics and remove for LeftArm, RightArm
      (remove it without changing the parenting. this way keyframes will be made for the handparts)
  8. save the pose of M4 with all frames of the animation
  9. load a new M4 figure
10. load pose/animation on the new M4 figure

This way you can use the smooth parented movement without the ugly deformation!
I usually remove all inverse kinematics before saving a pose/animation
You can save the pose/animation with or without Body Transformation and Morph Channels
Morph Channels won't bring the deformation back!

I hope that helped everyone who had the same problem all these years!
For everyone else who allready knew it, you could have told me!

here is a test animation
(also tried magnets the first time, but the magnet zone wasn't working on the location it was placed...)