Sunday, December 23, 2012

the walking dead

I am not dead, yet
maybe a little ill, but still alive

I told you I was moving to another city in my last post 3 months ago.
I moved because I started a new study.
This new study is really fun for me, but also very time consuming.
I had project works right from the start and it is sometimes impossible to get finished before the deadline. So I was working even in my breaks and of course at home.
Still, I really like what I am doing there. I worked hard to get there.
But like I said, the time table is very tight, and they say it gets even tighter in next half of a year, but after that, the hardest part will be hopefully over.
Another good thing, that will follow after the first year, is that we start working with 3D media (right now it's just 2D and PS etc).
3D have to sit back and wit until we are through with the basics.

Nevertheless, I told you that I have some old video clips allready rendered.
I really don't like most of them, because the animation didn't came out as I wanted.
There is only one animation I really like.

This is some kind of christmas gift to you. free image host

RS Download

because I liked the last Castanic animation, I rerendered it with the red haired version: free image host

RS Download

I haven't worked on the models for Tyrande, Alexstrasza or Whitemane, so there won't be any animations with these models.
But there are some with Sylvanas and my Bloodelf Valeera.

Here are two version with different lights of the blonde haired Valeera. free image host
RS Download free image host
RS Download

and something with the lovely Sylvanas free image host
RS Download

someone asked if there were a donate button.
No there isn't, this would be a waste of your mone

Like I said before, I don't like most of the allready rendered animations, because they don't look good. Here are examples.
It's yours to decide how much much you like/dislike them. free image host
RS Download free image host
RS Download free image host
RS Download

pass for all:

Some asked about castanic anal, troll, orcs and goblins.
They will return someday, but not this year ;)

So I wish you some happy and joyfull days, with best health and friends :)
These are my gifts to you.

best regards

Friday, September 28, 2012


Hey there guys
I was moving to another city and there were some problems with my new internet provider
one month without internet really sucks.... lucky me I had a smartphone were I could check all important mails
nevertheless, internet is back up and so goes posting new stuff ;)

Tera Castanic again
I think this came out quite well free image host

I've made two versions of it
version B had another 7th loop in it, version A "only" has 6 different ones

RS version A

RS version B

pass is as allways


I reply on all your comments later
I have a lot to catch up on ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Return of... Part 3

just a minor change
I gave her another panty
sexy panty with a nice morph to work with ;)


here are pictures to compare the other ones
I have 3 different textures for it

Horde Logo

Scarlet Crusade Logo

No Logo

feedback is welcome

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Return of... Part 2

Whitemane again

I gave her her old outfit back, mostly, after receiving feedback about it and that the old one was better
well, it was worth a try
slight changes are there though


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Return of...

my lovely WHITEMANE :)


just these two pictures so you see what I am working on right now

complete new clothes, besides the shoulder pads
I thought it was time to change her appearence a little bit

tell me what you think about the new one


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Game Sounds

Hi there
One Anonym just gave me a wonderfull idea.

You may know that I used W0W game sounds for my older videos, which I extracted from the .MPQ game files

The anonym mentioned before sent me this:
Another game sound

Now I have a request to you.

Would you send me the extracted game sounds of games like
TERA Online, Borderlands and other games with female heroins?

Of course only the sounds of the female voices.

an example how it looked in the W0W folder:


If you could send me some game sounds like these it would be a big help for me, especially if I don't have the game myself

If you do upload them somewhere, Rapidshare would be nice as well, because I allready have an accound there ;)

Think about some games you have and like with female fight sounds which can be extractet :)
TERA Online and Borderlands would be a great start ;)


Here another older clip :) free image host
RS Download

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wall-eees free image host free image host

just something I wanted to add some days ago but wasn't finished

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy BJ

Another round!
Todays Topic:
Coitus per Os
or you may know it as Blowjob!

Because most men simply love getting a good bj and I am one of them!

Starting with a newcomer (no pun intended)
one new HighElf of TERA free image host

Here is a new version of a videoclip I allready posted,
but this one is better and longer!

Last but not least:
Valeera on some bigger meat free image host


give me some feedback please :)
last videos were allready downloaded over 1000 times each
didn't see so much comments here
even though I am not allways responding fast, I read everything and I am happy for every comment of real persons :P


Monday, July 30, 2012

Tera animations again

Another Update!

At first Tera with sound and the version without free image host
with sound:
RS Download

without sound:
RS Download

Here a video with the Castanic and Highelf free image host
RS Download


Don't worry
W0W Chars will be featured soon, just uploaded the TERA vids, W0W vids aren't upped yet

damn I want to play TERA again xD but without an paying account not possible -.-
playing W0W is really boring right now, like every summer time, but I think I won't buy the expansion this time
which doesn't mean I will stop making W0W clips, I just quit playing

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Does someone know...

 a Selene or Lara Croft like outfit for V4?
I think I saw a lot of them, but don't know where to look and for what name because they aren't called "Lara Outfit"
If someone knows some good, please let me know :)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today I give you HighElves!

One Highelf of Tera and one former Highelf of W0W

Here the Tera Highelf free image host
RS Download

"Black" version free image host
RS Download

And here the BansheeQueen
tried some Bukkake free image host
RS Download



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ns = no sound

After I worked on some new sounds I decided that I won't finish every animation with sound files
It is way too much work and it often sounds like crap
Sometimes it really adds something special, but most of my animations work fine without

In general some background music would be nice, so it isn't so damn silent and boring
but this is a bit difficult with a loop, especially this short
so "music" in the background wouldn't work, just a noise maybe

I will upload all my clips I made so far in the next days / weeks (depending on how fast I can upload) so you will have some sort of regulare updates^^
but they will find a shortcut on most of the files "ns"
"ns" stands for "no sound"

Still I made 5 clips with sound
Maybe I will work on some of the others too, but theres no guarantee for that

Starting with the first two new clips:

It's TERA again
my version of a Castanic to be more specific

RS Download
RS Download



don't worry there will be WoW related clips as well

there are 40 more clips ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012



final versions for now
some screenshot backgrounds for more vivid pictures ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tera Girls are even sexier in Poser

I had to work on Poser versions of these cute HighElfs and Castanics from Tera.
Exportet some of the Hairstyle out of the XNALara Models by Riz ( ) and used them as main feature for my Tera models
these hairstyles have a gap for the pointy ears in it, which most poser hair doesn't have

Maybe if someone has the game client and knows how to export all the female castanic, highelf and human hairstyles, could do me a favor and sending them to me, with all the different color textures :)
that would be a huge help to create different Tera characters

here are mine so far


the castanic is quite good, the highelf needs something special... and other ears, they are a bit different in the game
(good thing I made a lot of screenshots^^)

new vids with sounds won't be available this week, the audiofiles are not really good... searching for others