Monday, January 26, 2015

Korra and plate armor

Hey there
Working with Blender slowly get some results. Right now I am looking for tutorials to make clothes for poser in blender and rig them in poser.
But let me show you my castanic lancer first.

She sure doesn't ride any mount. If she got the chance for a legendary, everything else has to wait.

Handling her weapon isn't the only reason why she is called a lancer...

After christmas I made myself a present and bought a new hair from Ali which looks just a little like the hairstyle of Korra and I tried to make my own 3D Korra model
I am not happy with the face yet,  but I wanted to show you my private Korra

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Hi everyone.
It may be a bit late, but I hope you had some nice hollidays and 2015 started well for you.

I had a difficult time at the end of 2014 and 2015 didn't start any better.
A lot to do. I am at work from dawn to dusk and even at weekends.
Good thing is I am getting better with Blender, bad thing, I don't have much time for Poser and I still have issues with my pc, which is now way too loud to let it run over night, while trying to sleep beside it. The pc seems to finally run properly. Wow, finally.... after one year of downtimes again and again... (the pc was completely new and not cheap)
But to keep it from overheating again, the service set the chasis fans on maximum all the time...
And I said in detail before purchasing, that I need a render pc that is as silent as possible.
50-60db? That's not silent.
Besides these troubles, which are slowing me down, I am also fighting a flu for a month now, since I didn't cured it before christmas because of stress getting another project done.
The more I want to expand my blog, the more problems appear.
We will see what 2015 will bring us.
So far I hope I can give you a little pleasure with the posted picture.
But I also have again a small update on the old "Wilderness" animations before Octane

A quick question at the end:
What do you think about me putting my video clips on patreon but without the watermark and WITH sound?
With the method per uploaded video, not per month, of course. You see how rare I post lately.
Every video would still be posted here for free, but just as it is now, without sound and with the watermark.

How does this sound? Fair? Not fair? Would that be something some of you are interested in?

Give me your thoughts about that.
If it seems good, I would spend these endless hours to finally organize my sound fx library again and add some pepper.