Saturday, March 16, 2013

working again

PoserPro 2012 runs again free image host
I lost some texture and figure files, so I need to do my favorit figures all new again
the bloodelf and the castanics are allready updated, sylvanas is still in progress
the orc and the troll are far away from beeing finished, but they will be
I tried do add little orc teeth to both of them

and no, whitemane, tyrande and alexstrasza don't get any attention yet
as you can see, I am quite packed with these (not yet so) sexy ladies
I could spend several whole days with one figure and still don't like the result, so this could really take some time untill I got all my known figures updated

you can tell me what you think of the posted figures so far

Thursday, March 14, 2013

crazy, stupid, lo... problems free image host

Problems solved!
after several re-installations and some hours later, I got Poser Pro to work again properly

SR3 solved the genital error
after Installing my content again, I got problems with the queue renderer, which doesn't started anymore
->reason was the "Poser.exe" I created to be able to install some of the Daz.Installers
after deleting this file it worked again
don't know why daz installer can't work with PoserPro.exe and don't know why Poser.exe blocks queue manager....
If someone else got these problemes, here is your solution (hopefully)

The IK problem is connected with the morphforms
waistbend causes the legs to move forward/backward because of the changed hip position which was altered with "waistbend"
too bad, my castanic looked really great with that overstretched back

 does somebody know if there is a script for poser, which converts the morphforms into transforms?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Help me Poser users, please!

I re-installed my windows some weeks ago and re-installed most of the programs again.
Now I started Poser Pro 2012 again and I get this crap:

I don't know where the problem lies....
I copied the whole runtime folder, so the error can't be in this area

before I could scale the genital as large as I wanted without this problem:

I run the Service Release 2 as before
(tried SR3.1 but there I got problems with Inverse Kinamatics, where the parts don't stay at their place when I switch IK on/off)
(If I swith between IK on/off several times, the hand or foot moves through my screen, everytime a bit)

Could I have missed something to install?
Something like a curtain version of NET.Framework or something?
Or do I need DAZ Studio to be installed (I think I had installed it before but never really used it)

If you know any solutions, let me know
I can't use SR3 because of that IK shit, which makes it impossible to animate and on SR2 I can't get an unbroken penis... (didn't testet it with SR3 yet, but I doubt it and not beeing able to animate is even worse)