Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Birthday

Life is unfair... so here are presents and stuff.
People who have birthday in december or general at the end of the year usually only get one big present for their birthday and that religios holiday.
All these cool summer kids have it more balanced over the year, plus they can party in mild summer evenings while others can't even celebrate with family and friends on 30th december because everyone wants to party the next day.
So I want to give you all some extra presents, so that no one feels left behind or forgotten!
It still mostly sucks having birthday in december.. but hey, she also mostly sucks:

--------(with sound)--------
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Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

So I hope you had some nice and relaxed days and now I sadly have to tell you, I wont posting anything before next year...