Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

So, I finally found some time to edit the sounds and I think Halloween is a good time to post them already ;)
So here they are!

First of all, evil halloween tentacles are all around the continent and they got something trapped to play with ;) free image host
Video download free image host
Video download

and second,
here are the missing video clips of the posted preview pictures free image host
Video download free image host
Video download free image host
Video download free image host
Video download free image host
Video download free image host
Video download free image host
Video download free image host
Video download


I am trying to arrange the ladies, so it will be easier to search for them
Have a spooky Halloween!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poser Pro 2012 SSS and Displacement Maps

edit: free image host

Just playing around with Poser Pro 2012
and having fun with tentacles :P

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work In Progress

Hi Everybody
I just wanted to let you know about my ongoing projects.
Time is short, but I get enough to set up a scenery sometimes, but the really time consuming part is to fit the right audio snips to the right moment in th clip.
Here are just some things I am working on (dunno if they are all going to be finished, but they are my current projects)

First of all I found a picture at: // , which inspired one of my current projects

and these are mine^^

eventuelly there will be something special about that project ;)

and here are all the other wip's, containing my sweet bloodelf ashbringer

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BloodElf Ashbringer ++

Hi everybody
long time ago since my last official post, over a month now
but I can't say that it will be better for the next ones, because I am on the move the whole day and at the weekend as well
I only look in here to check for updates of my favorit artists
but I haven't been inactive all the time
I worked on some new vids if I had some freetime
some of them were good and some weren't
after I finished setting an animation, the rendering was the smallest problem, I could easily render it over the days I wasn't at home, but editing the finished vid with sound needed more time and so some vids piled up but weren't ready for uploading
but now I got some more time and finally finished the best of them
btw I rendered 720 frames by now for the "BE Ashbringer" serie

long story short:
I got some new vids for you
not everyone is good, but these are the ones I think they were at least worthy showing

at first, two of the videos I allready posted with some little changed sound files free image host
RS: 4a_b free image host
RS: 5a_b

and now, the fight with her inner demons in her dreams continue: free image host
RS: 6 free image host
RS: 7 free image host
RS: 8 free image host
RS: 9 free image host
RS: 10 free image host
RS: 12

pass as allways:

I hope this update will last a bit over the time until my next post and compensate the long waiting

so far

Friday, July 1, 2011

BloodElf Ashbringer +

I made two more pictures in Vue


there are some render/pixel errors and I don't know how to avoid them
must be something with depth of fields and anti aliasing
just try to ignore them and they look great xD

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BloodElf Ashbringer free image host free image host

Just a small update to show you that I am still alive
some pictures and clips I worked on
a bigger role plays this Bloodelf paladin who has to fight not only with her sword free image host
Download: RS free image host
Download: RS free image host
Download: RS


I also worked on a Alexstrasza Version
see below with the Paladin and Sylvanas


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guarding free image host free image host

"Sylvanas went out to search for a Worgen scavanger, who attacked several Horde members near the Rose Gardens, and picked up two of her BloodGuards to follow her." free image host
Download Vid: RS free image host
Download Vid: RS

"Traveling through the Ruins of Lordaeron, serveral shadows moved around them.
The beast they are out to hunt isn't alone anymore.
Sylvanas' BloodGuards were able to kill the beast who overhelmed her on her escape the last time. But these creatures, lurking in the shadowns, are different..."


j0tks_Guarding_A_1_b_wm.png free image host
Download Vid: RS

qp1ik_Guarding_B_1_b_wm.png free image host
Download Vid: RS

ygb4q_Guarding_C_1_c_wm.png free image host
Download Vid: RS free image host
Download Vid: RS

5zkeu_Guarding_B_2_c_wm.png free image host
Download Vid: RS


pass for all vids:

found something I worked on a while ago and forget about it
three vids of a small elf and her first contact with a human free image host

Vid 1: RS
Vid 2: RS
Vid 3: RS