Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BloodElf Ashbringer ++

Hi everybody
long time ago since my last official post, over a month now
but I can't say that it will be better for the next ones, because I am on the move the whole day and at the weekend as well
I only look in here to check for updates of my favorit artists
but I haven't been inactive all the time
I worked on some new vids if I had some freetime
some of them were good and some weren't
after I finished setting an animation, the rendering was the smallest problem, I could easily render it over the days I wasn't at home, but editing the finished vid with sound needed more time and so some vids piled up but weren't ready for uploading
but now I got some more time and finally finished the best of them
btw I rendered 720 frames by now for the "BE Ashbringer" serie

long story short:
I got some new vids for you
not everyone is good, but these are the ones I think they were at least worthy showing

at first, two of the videos I allready posted with some little changed sound files free image host
RS: 4a_b free image host
RS: 5a_b

and now, the fight with her inner demons in her dreams continue: free image host
RS: 6 free image host
RS: 7 free image host
RS: 8 free image host
RS: 9 free image host
RS: 10 free image host
RS: 12

pass as allways:

I hope this update will last a bit over the time until my next post and compensate the long waiting

so far