Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rexxcraft Tribute

Here is a very quick made animation for Rexx as a tribute for his work
this is how his story and the action could be going on in my version
 dumppix.com free image host why is this new blogger layout so shitty?
just wanted to add a post and this crap only makes everything more complicated...

RS Download
pass: theknightshinesbright

I have 22 new video clips allready rendered and finished, but they don't have any sounds
I tried some rendersettings which save me a lot of rendertime and have only some minor quality losses, so the most time consuming part is now the editing especially with sound and I am getting tired of my old sound files, because they are so limited
but I have extracted some sounds from some others movie files and I will cut them into the right pieces to fit my clips, but this will take some time

this all has to wait until I have finished my work, but I just wanted to mention it to you
the new vids mostly contains Sylvanas, Valeera (the red haired bloodelf) and sometimes her blonde haired twin as well as Jaina