Sunday, November 9, 2014

Females Opinion and Deesky Tribute

I was just asking myself what others think about my work, especially the female watchers, if there are some.
What does the female fellowers think of the animations I am doing? (not only the one posted below, but in general)
I guess guys like it, because I am one and I like it. That is one reason why I have so many blowjobs animations here. The other one is that blowjobs are quite good to animate and variate at the same time.
I am quite curious about how many female "pervs" (or sexual open minded) are around here or if this is still a male territory.

Another thing.
I sometimes want to make my animations a bit more intimate. Not just simply raw fucking, which can be good sometimes, but some kind of relation ship and love.
You know, sometimes you wanna go nice and slow on your girlfriend. Just touching the smooth skin, kissing her entire body and have as much contact with her body, because it simply feels good.
I found the pictures of Deesky on HF who does a lot of Korra fanfic hentai and allways adds such sweet emotions into her pictures. Nevertheless it's tender or just funny.
Check her page out yourself, no matter if you are Korra fan or not, it's still awesome.

One picture of her I found pretty beautifull and wanted to recreate it with my castanic girl and with all that tenderness it contains.
So I tried to copy that pose and animate it. What do you think?
 A smaller resolution in case the bigger one can't be displayed correctly by Blogger.

It is just a minor animation. I may work on it more and make a bigger loop with it.


Limbs have that weird trembling when moved with Inversed Kinematics.
I don't know how to get rid of it. If I animate with programs like Cinema or SFM, they adjust themself correctly, but Poser makes this weird shit....
And you don't really see it while in viewport, because it is only a 1 frame thing and when looping it, you can't really see in the viewport.
Only after rendering you see it.
I try to find someone who can help me with that but most 3DX artists around here are doing only stills.
Having several issues with animations lately. Not only that trembling but also clothes fitting while bending and stuff.
With stills you can allways adjust it somehow to look good at the moment, but with animations you just want the clothes to just work and not fix every single frame.

I got offered a Blender tutorial and really want to start it right now, to go away from Poser and create more own content with exact fitting clothes and better bendings and stuff.

But if anybody knows some ways to help me with these IK problems, please contact me :)