Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Sunday 27th November 2016!

Sundays... we love sundays!

Seems like I am working with Octane for 3 years now.
Before that I used the Poser intern renderer. In the end I made some decent quality iI think.
The following scenes were a project which I intented to sell.

The blue haired castanic warrior, who encounters lustfull creatures on her way.

And the redhead lancer castanic with fighting and night companion, a young swordsman.

But here it is now:

Ususally worgen can switch between their human and animal form.
The women of villages nearby an ancient ruin only tell in secret to other women that in these ruins a group of worgen have settled who never change into their human form.
It's also said that in animal form worgen have incredible increased stanima.
"But that is not the only thing that is incredible and increasing", the women giggle as they tell the castanic warrior which passed the village in search of new adventures.
Such rumors can't be let alone...

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA


Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

After killing some monsters and helping a village the two adventurer found an abandoned quite and peacefull place in the wilds.
After cleaning their weapons and taking off some of the heavy armor the relief felt great.
Valeera, the castanic lancer, then thought about another relief and his "sword"...

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

( I seriously don't know anymore what the big difference between these versions are...)
Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Some extra still images I made to introduce the story:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Swalloween!!!

Have a booo-hi, gooo-hi Swalloween!

I know some were waiting for some updates finally, so here they are.

First off the Halloween themed:

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

I have been working on quite some animations over the time, but still have the same issues with the twitching arms in some of them.
But look for yourself. I uploaded them on, uploaded and mega this time, so viewing or downloading shouldn't be a problem.

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Mixtape   /    UL   /   MEGA

Just the first wave of updates....
Uploading on three plattforms takes time with my internet...

Also the 1 second animations on mixtape seems not to play because they are to short and and not looping. It may still work if you just download them and play them in the media player as usually.

All in all I have 59 files to upload, so be prepared ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy new.... oh...

Hey there.
Yeah, first post in 2016.
I was working on some new years presents, but it didn't turned out as I wanted and I needed to redo it from scratch, and with a lot of work popping up shortly after new year, there wasn't much time to work on it again.
Also wanted to do a birthday present for REXX, who had in december, but I also wasn't satisfied with it. Sorry Rexx.
Some think my absence here is because I lost interesst, but I simply don't have time to deal with everything at the same time.
Aaaaaand I don't like most of my stuff, I created. It's just not good enough for me.
That's why I am not sharing much these days.

But as you can imagine, I wouldn't post if I doesn't had something to post.

The following one is also some kind of preview of works I did. I just assembled them here.


Yeah MEGA download is also available this time, but since I am not having a paid account, I have no clue how long it will stay online. Just an attempt to make it easier for you to download.

As an example of "assembled" work from above, here is also one single animation


And here, have some Castanic
Well, it's the same anyway. Both is sweet and delicious.
But is this case, it's sucking you like a lollipop.

Now it was her turn to make you feel good...
Her head goes slowly down. Softly biting your bottom lip, pulling it a bit as she moves on.
Kissing your neck... your chest... breathing on it slowly.
Kissing every single muscle on your belly, giving each a little smooch on the way down.
Her palm sliding along the bottom of your shaft as she simultaneously kisses her way from the hilt to the top.
Feeling a little tickle as she opens her mouth, breathing softly against the head of your rock hard member and let it all slide inside. Moving her head slowly back and forth, pressing her lips tightly around on every pull. Sucking and licking on it as if she had a popsicle melting in her mouth and not wanting a single drop go to waste.



Her tight pressed lips sliding down easily all the way to the hilt.
Humming a little moan as it slids down her throat.
Her tongue tickling the bottom of your shaft on every movement.
She enjoys herself pleasing you. Each little moan, when her lips get close to the hilt and where you can feel her breath on your bottom stomach, are proof of that.


These are not my usual animations with different speed and so on. These are the bare animations.
I thought the ones with the same animation loops in different speed are only usefull when with sound.


Added a little text to some images, trying to achieve a little passion, some sensual touch to it.
Did that also to the last Halloween gift.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ellowas playing Santa

Hey there
Nothing new from my side, but I wanted to share something with you.

Everyone of you who is uptodate with good 3D artists and work will know the great and mighty Ellowas, and they will allready know that he has returned with a big bang.
If you didn't know, check out his wonderfull animation of the beautifull Widowmaker.

Now he got even more generous by providing his hard work of perfected 3D model to the rest of us mere mortals.

For me it is a perfect way to learn how a good retopo should look like and may try her for my own animations once I understand the basics of rigging in blender.

I finally got the model at least imported correctly within blender (which should normally be no problem with FBX, but see for yourself.....)

Just so don't have the same problems: Blender version 2.71 and before seems to work.
These versions can at least import the mesh correctly.
I will go to sleep now and look at the topo and everything else tomorrow or when I got the time.
But at least I can rest easy, now that I saw her correct in all of her beauty.


I just realized I didn't get the rig which is within this file, but the FBX importer with Blender 2.71 seems to not support it....
If I open it with FBX exporter from Autodesk, it looks fine in there, but I don't get it to work properly with Blender...
Arg this is driving me crazy....
This aaaaaaaaand major bluescreen problems, which just appeared yesterday....
FUCK! Will I ever have no problem appearing with this pc for more than two fuckings months...?

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Hey everyone.
I wanted to post something months ago, but during the week I am so exhausted when I come home and I put if off again and again and again.
It has been nine months now since the last post, which is an incredible long time for you guys, but for me time was just passing by. Not really in the good - "Oh yeah, I have so much fun"- way. Rather - "Oh damn, I have so much to do"- way.
My days got into boring routine: Go to work in the morning, working 7-11 hours, coming back, checking stuff like HF and go to sleep, sometimes playing a bit of Tera, but that's it.
At the weekends I am trying to do a bit of 3DX with Poser and trying to learn stuff with Blender, so I can switch completely to it for my 3DX.

I had a big motivation downtime because of my pc.
You may remember the problems I had with it shortly after buying. Well it got even worse.
But to sum it all up: in the two (well, less than two) years of owning, I had to work with just one graphic card for more than 8 months, one was allways in repair, plus more than 2 months completely without any working pc. So all my motivation went down, because everytime I wanted to start something, the pc was broken somehow....
I got it hopefully fixed now. But "fixed" isn't the right word for it. I had to invest another big amount of money to make it work. Which also required a big load of work and nerves to deal with.

So I was basicly just too lazy to post anything, because it needed some brain-activity, which I couldn't spare.
Because of that I lay all my Patreon plans and whatsoever on ice, because it means keeping things updated and do social networking, advertising and stuff. I just can't handle it right now.
If was doing this fulltime, I could make it happen, and a lot of cool stuff would come from this. But it is just a hobby of me and right now, I don't find enough time for it.
On the other hand, if I demand money for it, I may be more motivated, because it brings me money xD.
I will think about that. I definitly need a plan for it to work out properly.

BUT, yes there is a promising butt...
But I am still working on 3DX, because I love making it.

I just can't do it as often as I want to and I am also not often satisfied with the results or the possiblities Poser gives me.
Poser is a great tool and a lot of artists like the awesome Erogenesis do great stuff with it, but I am not investing more time into it. I am concentrating on Blender.
But for a lot of questions, I can't just ask my normal friends with Blender knowledge: "Hey man, how can I make a rig for nude figures, where the vagina will spread correctly?"
Or: "Damn, I've got all these awesome nude figures for SFM, but I want them to use in Blender, but the importer doesn't work well. Do you have any idea to solve this?"

Help is a bit rare for these specific tasks.
I know that some 3DX artists are using Blender as well, and some SFM Modder work with Blender as well. I need to find and contact them somehow, maybe I will get the help I need.

When I am through with a retopo of the the castanic game figures, I also want to get in contact with Ellowas, who is a great rigger and animator with Maya and 3D Max.

Sadly Blender is a bit out-of-date when it comes to import games files.
It may can export Unreal files without problems, but the import script is old as shit and still "in progress" (which haven't been touched for more than 2 years).
Unreal animations doesn't work, but at least importing the meshes is working "ok"...
(Still bugs with bones and postioning, but that can be fixed easily)

But I got this beauty without triangles and with a rig, that suites my needs (and other needs). together with the armors attached, it will be awesome to animate with Blender, and build up scenes on my own.

Blender would even give me the tools to make 360 degrees videos for your Oculus.
I have done that for other content, and it would be awesome.
Maybe even interactive with Unity.
I was working with Unreal Engine 4, which is also free, but they are not quite as good for VR than Unity.

But that's still future talking for my 3DX as long as I don't have everything working in Blender.

That's how it is now.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to respond as soon as possible, but please don't be frustrated if it takes some time.
I could use an assistant to handle all that. Female, good looking, beeing perverted as I am, in Germany... anyone?.... no one?... damn...


It's blowing... I mean glowing in the dark

Happy Halloween:
Be warned, it's with sound!

She was out doing some: "Trick or Treat".
Fooling some humans, provoke some gnomes or angering some Orcs.
She loves to infuriate them at each other and seeing them rend their armor asunder.
Usually she never gets caught after her tricks, but seeing these thick, green orc cocks gleaming in the candle light of their jack-o-lanterns, she thought it was time to get her treat.

The enraged orcs fucked her for hours until she was covered with their hot semen all over her body dripping out of hole they ravaged.
They must have eaten a lot of that magical candy, because their sticky juices were glowing... and it tasted delicious.
She decided to have another serving of that sweet, hot desert, stuffed down her throat with this thick, hard and pulsing member of that orc.

ugly UL download

I would have thought that people would be more excited about videos with sound again.
A bit disappointing.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Korra and plate armor

Hey there
Working with Blender slowly get some results. Right now I am looking for tutorials to make clothes for poser in blender and rig them in poser.
But let me show you my castanic lancer first.

She sure doesn't ride any mount. If she got the chance for a legendary, everything else has to wait.

Handling her weapon isn't the only reason why she is called a lancer...

After christmas I made myself a present and bought a new hair from Ali which looks just a little like the hairstyle of Korra and I tried to make my own 3D Korra model
I am not happy with the face yet,  but I wanted to show you my private Korra