Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PC problems... again...

I'm sorry for being so quite the last time
good news: I allready got something finished rendering, only need some postworking and watermarks

bad news: I had to reinstall my windows and every programm, because of that shitty starforce copy protection
and the system recovery tool deleted every single exe-file on my pc, so I lost every single 3D object that was saved in a selfextracing exe-file, which means everything from DAZ 3D and other sites...
it will be a hell of a work to get them back and a lot of traffic... and I don't think a will get everything back...
good thing I had a backup of my whole runtime folder so are "only" the packed files lost

just had to write down my frustration somewhere -.-

have a better week than I

btw @ chromespec:
these models can't be found somewhere besides in my gallery
these are costum models out of the Victoria 4 model


  1. ohh..noo
    it's sad that your computer is down.
    I know there are some recovery softwares may be helpful in this situation. Hoping you can find them back.

    btw, i love your arts

  2. Да , дерьмовые новости чувак ... Надеемся скоро узрим новые работы !

  3. Hi, sorry to hear that. I really suggest you to use a Image Program (like Acronis) After you re-installing all of your programs and set everything correct on your PC, just make an Image of you complete Partition(s). If something like this happens you can use this Image and you have everything as before! I also have a seperate partition with all my "Working Files" So if the System itself crashes, you still have all your datas on that partition. Anyway ... good Luck!


  4. btw. it's time to install win7 sp1 rtm ;]

  5. You might be able to recover some of the lost items. When an item is deleted, it remains on the hard drive it just isn't accessible through conventional means. It will remain there until the sector of data has something written to it.

    There are programs out there to recover this data, though I'm not sure how far it will get you, and I have no recommendations on a specific program to use.

  6. How affairs with your computer?

  7. I've got poser pro back to run with the saved runtime
    I allready rendered 2 new scenes, but I got another problem
    I installed the combined codec pack with windows media player classic "homecinema", which I normally used to watch my short clip parts to choose them for the right part of my clips
    but they don't run properly now...
    do you have any good codec where the avi file runs good, or a seperate installation of media player classic?
    I normally used combined codec community pack, but there are now problems with...
    If I play it with the MPC the pc is getting louder... really strange...

  8. or at least something with virtual dub isn't right....
    the old uncompressed vids are working fine, only the ones I made lately are not working well

  9. Будем ждать ! У тебя всё получится !

  10. When you come back, since you have all the other races, would you consider making a goblin? :)

  11. @Knight77

    the best way imho - to remove all codec packs(crap packs btw, they may cause a lot of problems) from your system.

    you can use idependent corean players with integrated codecs, like PotPlayer, KMPlayer.

    Myself i prefer the KMPlayer with integrated Haali Media Splitter and CoreAVC with CUDA support to play x264 HDTV 720p streams when doing my renders. For audio - Foobar2000.

    By other worlds, you can install KMPlayer and Foobar2000 on clean PC and play anithing from DVD, blueray, to Monkey's Audio, FLAC, etc. :)

  12. I de-installed all audio codecs and now use again combined community codec pack
    just had to change the rendermode in MPC and it works fine again now

    btw can someone translate me these russian comments? I really don't know any russian words written^^