Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hey everyone
Sorry for the long disappearance but way to much to do, and can't allow my pc to be slowed down by rendering processes.
I had at least some time to work on some projects, so I can render them while I am off the pc for some days or over the weekend. Means you have to wait for new stuff over several weeks, until I am not on my pc for some days. Which also means that the quality of some renders could be worse than older ones, because I don't do much rendering while editing, or don't see certain things after I saw the final one.

Well, enough bad news, here are some good.
I made some scenes, which I didn't wanted to post, because they weren't what I wanted it to be, but since I have rendered them, I hadn't much problems giving them sound and a logo^^
So here is a little intermezzo for you guys
And don't worry, I am working on something that looks quite good so far ;)
It will be about Sylvanas, her Blood Guards and worgen ;)

and here now the videos with one of Sylvanas new Blood Palas and her affinity to worgen free image host
RS Download free image host
RS Download free image host
RS Download

pass as usual

oh and @hitman:
please continue your work on "darkness" and "rapefield" :)
and happy birthday afterwards ;)


  1. Woot. Frequent checked the RSS for your return. It is a good day.

  2. good work friend

  3. Fun stuff indeed! A delightful update :) Glad to see you posting, and I certainly can understand how RL priorities win out. Thanks for publishing a fix to tide us over until you have a chance to get back on a more regular schedule. With your stuff at the very least, I am guaranteed that it will be worth the wait!

  4. Thanks, always good to hear from you.


  5. Just one word: IMPRESSIVE !

  6. Wonderful work... thank you for the share!