Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BloodElf Ashbringer ++

Hi everybody
long time ago since my last official post, over a month now
but I can't say that it will be better for the next ones, because I am on the move the whole day and at the weekend as well
I only look in here to check for updates of my favorit artists
but I haven't been inactive all the time
I worked on some new vids if I had some freetime
some of them were good and some weren't
after I finished setting an animation, the rendering was the smallest problem, I could easily render it over the days I wasn't at home, but editing the finished vid with sound needed more time and so some vids piled up but weren't ready for uploading
but now I got some more time and finally finished the best of them
btw I rendered 720 frames by now for the "BE Ashbringer" serie

long story short:
I got some new vids for you
not everyone is good, but these are the ones I think they were at least worthy showing

at first, two of the videos I allready posted with some little changed sound files free image host
RS: 4a_b free image host
RS: 5a_b

and now, the fight with her inner demons in her dreams continue: free image host
RS: 6 free image host
RS: 7 free image host
RS: 8 free image host
RS: 9 free image host
RS: 10 free image host
RS: 12

pass as allways:

I hope this update will last a bit over the time until my next post and compensate the long waiting

so far


  1. Yay, finally some update from You! No need to rush of course, Your stuff being free is enough to compensate for any delay between updates ;)
    That's pretty big update, so it was worth waiting for.
    BTW Is vid 11 missing intentionally?

  2. There are no words to express how awesome you are, thank you for the great work. Really like 7 and 9, her facial expressions and everything are just great.


  3. @ kamisama
    like I said, I rendered over 720 frames
    mostly 30 frames per scene, so there were 24 scenes and not everyone was good enough to be posted here
    so I left some vids and didn't changed the names

  4. Thanks for the update,
    always nice to hear from you.

    Cheers, Jess

  5. very gooood vids....

    where can i find bloodelf models and palydane wow armor ? :)

  6. Rapidshare is not letting me download any of these. Is anyone else getting the free DL box to pop up but once clicked nothing happens the website just sits there?

  7. Nice hearing from you.
    I know how it is with finding time, i tend to disapear for long stretches of time as well.
    Real life keeps interupting ;)

  8. Great, great stuff - gonna adoree "the shrine" !-)

  9. Awesome as always!
    Keeping my finger crossed that we'll someday will be blessed with a long movie but know what kind of work there is behind that so no pressure.

  10. Woot! Delighted to see the new updates, thank you for sharing all of these! Purely delightful!

  11. What happened to the pass? I tryed "theknightshinesbright" and says that is wrong.

  12. which file?
    maybe try to download the file again

  13. Thanks for the help Knight.
    I updated my Unzip, but it still says the password is wrong or the file is corrupted.
    I tryed to download 3 times and the problem persists... I think I'm doing something wrong lol

  14. "RS: 4a_b" sorry i forgot

  15. well, I downloaded the file and extraced it with "theknightshinesbright" without problems

  16. Do you have lesbian set on your blog ?

  17. it might be on my end but i updated my unzip just to make sure, I can download the files but the pass word "theknightshinesbright" does not work on any of them.

  18. well, since no one else is having this problem and I checked it as well, it is a problem only on your system
    sorry but I can't help you

  19. i miss your updates! btw i'm the friendly fellow who requested your double anal sylvanas awhile back with the red demon <3


  20. What's news Knight77 ?

  21. Nice work! How do you do the audio for your vids? Just curious.