Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rexxcraft Tribute

Here is a very quick made animation for Rexx as a tribute for his work
this is how his story and the action could be going on in my version
 dumppix.com free image host why is this new blogger layout so shitty?
just wanted to add a post and this crap only makes everything more complicated...

RS Download
pass: theknightshinesbright

I have 22 new video clips allready rendered and finished, but they don't have any sounds
I tried some rendersettings which save me a lot of rendertime and have only some minor quality losses, so the most time consuming part is now the editing especially with sound and I am getting tired of my old sound files, because they are so limited
but I have extracted some sounds from some others movie files and I will cut them into the right pieces to fit my clips, but this will take some time

this all has to wait until I have finished my work, but I just wanted to mention it to you
the new vids mostly contains Sylvanas, Valeera (the red haired bloodelf) and sometimes her blonde haired twin as well as Jaina


  1. Some really smooth 3d animation as always and awesome news about the other 22 clips.
    Really do appreciate the extra time you spend on sound because imo it takes the whole thing to a different level.

  2. Can't wait to see your new works Knight. Good job dude!

  3. I just discovered your blog, and this picture alone is making me love you. Great animation, and outstandingly CUTE facial expression. Please more of this character, hell, point me to the donate button.

    Gut Gemachat, or something.

  4. Great job man, looking forward for the incomming update :)
    The animation is just ... awsome !

  5. Amazing, as always Knight!

    With Alexstrasza and tyrande now in the lineup, I gotta ask; are you're planning on making a model of Ysera anytime in the future? :)

  6. Wow I just found this site from your post in Rexx's thread on darknest. This is amazing! So hardcore. Never stop!

  7. looking forward to the forthcoming animations, too.
    is Valeera the one also referred to as "Ashbringer"?

  8. yep, Valeera is the ashbringer bloodelf

  9. Very nice work :D I know its hard to do but will you do an animation with a little story a day ?

  10. a day?
    that's a bit much xD
    I often need more than 5hours to set up an animation and then it needs more time to render
    If I had a paysite where I offer them for money, it would be something else, but even then it would be extremely hard

    1. I think what you have is great. Maybe have this anon guy email you a story and write it in the blog.

  11. Thanks for all the great work!

  12. Totally looking forward to these. Are any of them done? You don't have to release them all at once, right?