Friday, September 28, 2012


Hey there guys
I was moving to another city and there were some problems with my new internet provider
one month without internet really sucks.... lucky me I had a smartphone were I could check all important mails
nevertheless, internet is back up and so goes posting new stuff ;)

Tera Castanic again
I think this came out quite well free image host

I've made two versions of it
version B had another 7th loop in it, version A "only" has 6 different ones

RS version A

RS version B

pass is as allways


I reply on all your comments later
I have a lot to catch up on ;)


  1. YAY, glad to have you back! Love the new vid, although the arms to me were a little too skinny especially in the shoulder area. Other then that small thing a great vid as always.


  2. Make more castanic, maybe anal :D ? It would be great !

  3. Nice to see you're back! Your animations are really amazing.

    Castanics are really awesome. I think the blue-haired one is my favorite from your Tera animations.

    Would also love to see more of the 'new' wow girls too, like Tyrande and Alexstrasza.

  4. Gorgeous! All these recent animations have been fantastic. Anxiously await more.

  5. i found all your missing pictures just tell me how to send them to you i tried my email but it is not working :D

  6. Nice work up there, but how about making some pictures with the new Whitemane???
    Can't wait to see some updates on your blog.


  7. Hello :) I am by chance came upon your blog, and I'm totally fascinated love all your work, but the best are the Sylvanas and Whitemane works;).
    Please do keep it up!

    P.S. Is there a way to donate to you?
    P.s.s. sorry for my english google translate: P

  8. Hope there aren't too many delays, but you never know what can happen when moving house...

  9. I love the work you do, and not to sound mean, I was just wondering if you were going to make any more videos with Orc, Goblin, or Troll females and human males. There aren't to many of them on the internet. Thank you for everything you've given us thus far.

  10. When are we going to be seeing the next update?
    All this waiting is killing me!

  11. Hy, are you all right?
    I'm worried about you.
    There have been no sign of live from you for nearly 2 months. I hope you are o.k.
    A Fan

  12. You still alive bro?

  13. Hey buddy, please give us details when you upload again, or give us a sign of life :/

    I Hope you'r ok.

  14. Hey hope to see an update soon!
    I don't really want to lose an great artist like you ;-)

    So please give us a lifesign, so we know you are ok ;-)

  15. Are you still alive?

  16. Hey man you alright? its been a couple months just wondering if you all right man cant wait for the next whitemane or sylvanas update ;)

  17. I hope everything is OK, and we will get some new stuff.

  18. It's been 3 months, hope you're ok.

  19. I think the Knight77 is dead : (
    and therefore unfortunately is also this wonderful page dying.