Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preparing a contest

Damn time is running like hell,
Nearly two months again since my last post, but it felt like just days...
Sorry about that, but I have a lot to do.
Do you know that feeling when you worked through the night and the next whole day. And when you try to remember something from the day before, it feels like it happened today, because you haven't slept and didn't noticed two days has passed and not just one.
I had that feeling a lot last weeks.

BUT, as stated above, I am preparing a contest for you.

The price:
3 Month Premium Account for

And maybe 2x 48h Premium Account
(but I don't know if I get a the trial account for paying with collected points)

I am going to release some clips
And to reduce waiting times when you download them, I offer you this contest to win a premium account ;)

More about that contest is coming soon.
I just wanted to inform you, that you know it when it starts.

For now, just preview images of what is coming:

You may know her from my race chart
She is a new Bloodelf character with blue hair
While rendering, I noticed that blonde/ golden hair looks really good on her too

I also changed her eyes back to not glowing ones
You can express way more sensation with the eyes looking really back at you ;)
Also, I haven't found a good setting for the glowing eyes yet
Here some example of what the problem is:

The glowing is even visible when the eyes are shut...
I reduced the glowing, but then it doesn't look like glowing at all, so I went back to the normal green eyes.

And here just some images of short animations which will also be released

I just recognize, only blowjobs right now xD
But there will other postions as well later

So stay tuned



  1. Nice work :)


  2. Welcome back! I was a little concerned you were gone for good. I hope things go smoothly for you!

    1. thanks, but it's just really stressfull for me
      you also have to wait for the contest

  3. Both hair colors look good, but and though it goes against the blood-elf style, the plain eyes I feel are prettier.
    Perhaps an option is to give the eye-whites a bit of a pale green tinge?

    1. nah, that does look really weird
      I just have to figure out better lighning settings

  4. For the eye-glow; try using a light that shrinks along the Y axis (assuming Y is vertical) as the eye closes to match the shape of the eye, and turn off the light when the eye is completely shut. Shouldn't be too hard to plug that into any existing SDKs, it's just getting the right light in the right shape and the right size at the right spot...
    Also, if you manage to combine the aforementioned light idea with an animated glow map, you'd be able to turn the light down to a soft glow and "make eye contact" with her without losing any visual effect.

    1. the light is managed via octane plugin, the eye(lid) movement isn't
      or in other words, you can't animate something from octane settings
      the eye glowing is on the eye surface map, which is a sphere

      I think I know what you are suggesting, but it's not so easy

  5. Curious what this contest will be about..

    1. you still have to wait to figure it out xD

  6. Some boob action would be cool

  7. Do you have any of these awesome models for sfm? and would you be willing to share them? xD

    1. Hi, these are no sfm models, there are for poser
      I don't know if it was possible to transfer them to sfm, but I certainly don't have them for it

  8. Hey was just wodering. Do you make these wow models?
    they are amazing
    I have been trying to look for wow models for Xps or blender for a while now and have had no luck
    keep up the great work

    1. Yeah I am making them with a software called "Poser".
      "DAZ Studio" works as well.
      There you have some base figures, like in my case "Victoria 4" and so called morphs, where you can change the appearance of this figures body and face.
      There are a lot of things to add like hair and clothes, which can be bought in several shops, or you can make them yourself if you can.
      I just try to let them look like the characters I remember from the game, but there are other artists who export the original game models from W0W, even the new ones, like rexx (you find him linked on the sitebar)
      Go and ask him, he is using the models in cinema4d so they will also work easily in blender.

  9. Are you still alive? I love your work, and it's already been a month since your last post...Please come back lol...