Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last pre-Octane animations

The winners of the name contest got their premium account via mail,
and here are the last pre-Octane animations I made some time ago.
If I think about it, they are nearly one year old...
Some are OK, others not so much, but this way you get so see them as well

First of 22 files:

I was playing with IDL above and this one below is without

some big goblins





  1. Dude! You are an animating machine!!!

    1. sometimes I am :P
      But these are old
      I am working on a lot of new things and they look smexy^^

  2. Man you're so good at this!
    Thoses models are so awsome!!!

    Sorry for the bad english

  3. Yeah, looks awesome!

  4. amazing work as always, but any chance for any dl site that dosent have 3 hours limit between files?

    it's gonna take about 60 hours to get all of theese (and thats asuming your at your computer every 3 hours wich you aint).

    1. I offered limited premium accounts with my last post
      If you had joined that contest you might have gotten a free account.
      I announced it that my next post would be big and that is why I was offering these accounts
      I am sorry but I will not change my hoster, every free hoster I have to upload everything from time to time because no one downloaded it
      UL.net is quite popular
      Please accept that I can't change it, or a lot of file will be down for good, because I can't allways check on them
      Just imagine it as some kind of christmas
      every day one file to download ;)

    2. understood was just a question, again thanks for your work its amazing dont work yourself out and be well cheers :)

  5. i dont know the password of the file :,(

  6. Excellent!! Thanks

    You should try putting your stuff on Pixiv too, the english interface is complete and they support gif now.
    It may increase your fanbase. It may help too if you're gonna start selling some stuff.

    Gretting from France

  7. Really really nice vids, man! They are aweome. Gorgeous castanic women and nice scenes...different angles from one scene...that I like! The vids could be a bit longer, tough. ^^"
    I would kill if you could make one girl with Exia's hair.hornstyle and put her in such vids. XD
    I hope we see more castanic girls in the future. ^^

    1. These are old files
      The projects I currently work on often have about 340-450 frames
      I still got some shorter clips when I cannot vary them so much or they doesn't come out as good as I wanted

      I may look into Exias hairstyle the next days.
      Since she has some kind of pony tail, I will only use the horns from the game and use a suiting hairstyle from my poser library
      Or I should model more content for V4 myself
      But I have never done hair.

    2. Martin Schulz sounds german
      You can sprechen deutsch mit mich :P

  8. I love your work Knight,
    Can i ask u , you can share all of your works with torrent?

    K. James

  9. First link gave me a broken file of 1Ko... got to wait 3 hours for an other attempt... -_-

    1. File is ok, maybe you internet connection was lost, so it interrupts

    2. It gave me a malware... it's the first time it happen...

    3. File is still ok if I download it. And you seem to be the only one right now with this problem.
      Do you have any anti virus program? Otherwise even google search can give you maleware and stuff.

    4. I have, and, don't worry, it's the first time it happen to me... i'm due to reformate my PC anyway...

  10. "that guy who's going to school to be a game designer but never bothered to make an actual profile"

    I've got a compliment (these look GREAT), and a semi-request.
    I say 'semi-' because I highly doubt I'm the only one thinking it, and because I wouldn't hold it against you at all if you said "no".

    What are the chances we'd see that goblin chick again? AFAIK, there's only that one 10-second loop of her with the worg.

    1. I was a bit confused about your comment.
      You mean you have a compliment for me, right?^^
      So thanks

      About the goblin:
      I haven't working on her ever since.
      She isn't really great and I only tried to make a goblin after the one Spike4072 made:
      If I ever going to use a goblin female again, I will completely redo her

  11. dude that uploads only letting me dl 1 file every hour wtf please upload to mediafire

  12. I absolutely love the black-haired castanic :) Wish we could see her more often than just in that one short vid ;)

  13. Outstanding work as always, but let me just state that your choice of host sucks. Its seriously bad. You'd be better off just selling direct rather than require people to pay a download host to be able to download this is any practical manner.

    A download limit of 1 per 3 hours, with 22 files requires nearly 3 days to download it all, assuming no time spent sleeping.

    Please upload one single zip file which contains all of them.

    1. Yeah that is possible
      I couldn't pack them all into one because they were allready on my accound but I couldn't uploade anything new because of my broken internet connection
      Now Iit works better and I will see the next days to upload one package of these

  14. exellent work men i think you are better than yoshino momoji another great artist but i dont have the password

  15. Zippyshare.com is awesome for uploading if your looking for a new host. Fast downloads for free users too.

  16. Hey, can you upload them to a different place, like mega.co.nz, that doesn't have a down speed restriction?

  17. Could we get these all packed into one zip having to wait 3-4 hours to download them one at a time is becoming a hassle, and with the nice animations I would like to have them all.

  18. These are awesomeeeee but
    i still wish
    C08_012a_ns_wm_new and
    had a nice behind view ; ~ ;