Friday, January 6, 2017

Variations and Changes

 Good Ol' NightElf!

Short animated clip.
The two below are exactly the same just with different "background"
I usually have a pure black background, because Poser don't really handles well much geometry, so animating is not so great with slow viewport and you can't hide it in layers as easy as in Blender. Also this way the animations render faster in the end.

I tried a bright background and added a vignette effect so the figures get more focus.
But because a bright version is a pain for the eyes when watching in the dark, I added of course a dark version as well.

Mixtape    /    UL    /    MEGA

 Mixtape    /    UL    /    MEGA

In addition:
Some may have noticed that I have added a background image to the blog.
At least on my screen it fits perfectly:

For everyone who wants some extra eye candy to get sticky with I have that background image here cut out:


Also I am trying to run a tumblr account, so people can follow me easier these days because blogger seems not to be the media of choice anymore (even though tumblr just kicks out users regulary without warning or reason)

so here it is:

a link on the blog will soon be appear
Blogger will still be my primary posting point because right now the user rights are better and I don't have to fear to loose it all

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