Saturday, February 4, 2017

WIP Updated Males

I got Erogenesis' newest product called TaB.

And I updated my males with it.

It fits them well.

Let's find how well it fits into the ladies...


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    1. Kinda answered my own question lol, it was late when I posted that x)

      Anyway, been a fan of yours for a long time, you're among the best I've seen out there. I've been seriously thinking about opening this can of worms aka CG animation, any advice? I was thinking of starting in SFM or Blender, unless there's something else?

    2. Hey there
      If you like to start that and maybe want to explore 3d in general blender is the way to go. Its a bit harder to start with, but once you are in it is much more powerfull.
      SFM has a big community and that way a lot of customized models prepared for it but you can still export it to blender and work there.
      Dunno if I have any other advice then that.
      Just look out for tutorials.
      Good sites to start:

    3. Awesome, thank you! I'll check those out.

  2. The new models and textures look pretty great... specially the human, it looks very much real :o ... are your girls getting the same treatment? and holyshit, that Fel Orc... can any of your girls take on him ? xd

    1. thanks :)
      glad you like it
      Well you see at least one of the girls in front of them. Another one should be on your right side^^
      And we will see how the FelOrc takes what he wants ;)