Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Blender OW Wips

Hey there!
Sorry I didn't manage to pack out something for the Egg hiding party, but family visited for 3 weeks with offspring, so there wasn't any time to work on things, anythings at all.

But now I can go back to it and tried just some quick renders with the OW models from Smutba.se

Here are WIPs of the lovely blue skinned sniper and the austrian medic:


  1. Looks Like Someone has been busy ! keep it up !

  2. Hell yes! Hope you got your hands on a D.va too!

  3. Great post and overall great blog. I really like your works, let me tell you that.

    On a side note, i just wanted to let you know that a big slice of your older works can't be downloaded because the donload is not allowed in mega but only in UL. And the UL website does not work anymore

  4. So many WIPs... Please finish. Please

  5. Oh wooow... I can´t wait till you give these girls the anal treatment...

  6. Seems like you could use the new Cycles denoiser that landed in master a few days ago. https://developer.blender.org/rB43b374e
    Sergey found some unexpected bugs so they have to fix it before 2.79 release, but it's already black magic.
    Just download a daily build :

    1. I believe I can wait till its released with a stable build, but thanks ;)
      these wips were just rendered with a few samples

    2. The bugs have been fixed now. Personally since I tried it I got hooked. I can't render without it anymore. These 2 articles show the advantages pretty well :


      The 2.79 release won't happen until at least mid-July (since the first release candidate is scheduled for end of June https://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2017-May/048364.html). Personally when it comes to unstable versions, I simply do all the work in the stable one and then open the file with the bleeding-edge/unstable version to use only the feature I want, to minimize risk of corrupting a file. And since this feature is for rendering only, there's not even a need to save the file afterwards. So there's no risk of corrupting the file at all.

    3. yeah I will probably get it just for rendering and denoising