Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Ritual

the bloodelf tried to play with dark forces in some ritual
but then something went completly wrong... or doesn't it?
"Bad Ritual"
Video Preview:
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big size - small size


I got a hint for my videos with a better codec and compression
I will test that when I have time for this next week
until then you have to download these huge files if you want to see in in higher resolution

and here another random picture
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  1. Love that triple header pic. Troll looks so fucking hot.

  2. WOW, great work knight, I especially like your videos, not many artists make them.

  3. Damn, I do love that blood elf.

  4. Hmm Im geting password error at extracting HQ rar file.


  5. try to type the password manually instead of copy-pasting, happened to me once

  6. so everywhere else it's working?

  7. Well same password works for "small file"
    Same for other files, it worked. But not for this HQ version of "Bad Ritual". But anyway I saw LQ, nice job, I have nothing to add... well maybe flying dicks looks kinda funny. Indeed it's evil magic to the bone hehe.


  8. Great quality animation, though I have to agree the troll is much sexier ;)

  9. @Knight77

    30000 fps and 332 mbit/s stream at least funny :)

    Short movie is better place in form of cyclic flash animations formats gif or flv, you do not find?

    Kind regards, Jul

  10. I know they are huge, I will work on better compressed versions when I can get back to my computer next week
    I simply render these animations after posing, I don't know much about video-formats and codecs
    The only problem is, the program I edit the pictures and soundfiles, can render the clips only in these two formats, without loosing to much quality
    I render my animations in 1244x700 and 300dpi, and so I need around 5-8 hours for one 30 frame animation
    so you can understand that I don't want to reduce this quality I already rendered
    but like I said, I will try some mpeg4 codecs a user here told me
    if someone knows a way to do that in Magix Video Deluxe 16, please telle me ;)

  11. Nice nice nice, please more more.... Elf sexxxx Silvany please please please GANG BANG Silvi )))) es es es SEX ! ! !