Thursday, May 20, 2010

WoW Analyzer Artwork

here are three pictures I made for "Triplany's" programm "WoW Analyzer" as background artwork
it should be WoW related and sexy
I think I'm close to these conditions :P , am I not?


and by the way
it's now possible to write anonym comments
I changed the settings so everybody, even without registration, can post his/her opinion
so please tell me what you think about the stuff I am doing, but PLEASE do it in a respecting way!
I don't want to read any comments that offends other people!


  1. I left yesterday one comment using Name/Url but it disappeared - maybe you didn't liked it or there is something wrong with that option ^^

    Anyway, overall nice job. But some of pics are to dark imo. Are you going to make some sets of pictures? Now it looks like almost total random. btw I'm seeing forward to see more of that red loose hair blood elf ;)


  2. Your work is brilliant. This is the hottest stuff I've seen since Vaesark. =) And I LOVE the fairies! Wow!

  3. Hi
    I haven't deleted anything
    maybe there is still something I need to change in the settings
    there are sometimes little picture series which belong together, only the last pictures were completely random
    some old pictures I never made a series
    the other pictures have always something in common, or the same idea behind, at least that's what I think :P

    about the lights: there are supposed set a certain amtosphere, but sometimes there turn out a little too dark, because the preview looked different
    but if it's one these pictures that took a hell of a time to render, I often don't change them again
    you see, I am still a human and can't waste all the time for this^^
    well. I could sometimes change contrast and brightness at least, I think

  4. God damn, dude. Your dwarven women are HOT! I don't think I've ever said that before. =P

  5. So far your images designs are good, they show a lot of promise as your skills grow.

    One of the things I feel holds you down is the hair textures for your works, it looks rather stiff, kind of like frozen jell-o.

    Hope this helps, in the meantime I will continue watching :)

  6. Hi Knight77,

    I love your work!

    Those horde / alliance underwear are just perfect!!!!! SO HOT!!!

  7. the ally one which is a nelf right?.. do her again shes hot as... please :D

  8. thats the green one btw. the purple one is abit... not as good :).