Sunday, October 17, 2010

PC Crash

Hi everybody
Bad News, my pc crashed and I had no chance to safe my files or anything
I don't know when it will work again but I hope will not took too long and that the service will not be too expansive
so don't wonder if there won't be any update or reponse of my own
And @hitman: I will comment on your great pictures when I got a more stable internet ;)
So far, prey for a quick repair and that I can safe my files somehow


  1. Oh **** !!!

    Right, thumbs up for a SAFE ending.


  2. "PC crash" great explanation...
    Hardware doesn't crash. It can die or break, but not crash. Only software crashes.

    And what service? Are you bringing it in for repairs? If so, that kinda makes me think you're computer illiterate?

  3. Crap...
    man... my condolences... I hope that the hard drive can still be restored... God bless your PC, amen!

    Может быть он стоял на столе и ебнулся на пол, у человека несчастье, а ты троллишь, как не хорошо!

  4. Okay -- having been through hardware crashes on more than one occasion I hope & pray you have every success in restoring your system. Your work is bar none, some of the finest out here period (you routinely make me jealous as anything hehe)!

  5. Shit. That sucks. Been there twice myself. Finally learned after the 2nd time - external hard drive is my friend.

    Best of luck and hope to see you (and more of Whitemane) back up soon!

  6. Thank you guys
    I made an image of my harddrive on my external drive, but the hardware may be changed, so I can't use the exact copy
    I made the mistake to install OS and files on the same partition

    I am not computer pro but I know quite some things
    but I don't know all technical terms in english because it's not my mothertongue and yes I sendet it in because I still have guarantee

  7. @Hitman Извини, я нехотел троллит, просто так плохо у меня получилось.

    @Knight Oh it was a prebuilt I suppose? If so, then sorry, you did the right thing.

  8. @Knight77
    If you still have image of your HD, you can directly extract files from it. This is how works Acronis True Image. However, if you have Windows Backup Image, i think it's has ability to be mounted as virtual HD, or it can be converted to Acronis Image. Hope this helps... GL!

  9. Sorry to hear that! I have to agree with Hitman, From now on, try to use Acronis True Image and all Datas (I mean Poser Files, Photoshop files.......) on a separate partition AND aditionally as a Backup Copy on a external HD. This works fine for me and you always have your original files secured!

    Good Luck! ecostar

  10. The very first thing you should do, once you do get your PC up and running again, and all of your software set backup the way you like it, is create a backup on either another partition or on another drive.

    Some suggested Acronis, but I prefer not to have to pay for something I can do for free. I use Clonzilla and on a regular basis; monthly, weekly depending on how much work I have created, create a backup of the entire primary partition or just the changed folders/files. Clonzilla can be loaded onto a CD/DVD or even a flash drive, and is capable of cloning an entire partition to a new partition or drive.

    For partitioning larger hard drives I use Easeus Partition Master Home Edition on Windows, also free and it has a GUI front-end so it is easy for novices to use.

  11. Really sad your PC crashed. I like your pics aswell and i want to ask you what programm you use to creat thos cool things :)

  12. Hoping to see an update -- getting things back in order? Here's hoping for the best!

  13. Hi,

    Sad your PC crashed :/

    I have a question though, about your pictures of the blood elf and the night elf with the horde and alliance underwear (the ones you made for wow analyzer). Do these girls also have high heels ? If so, do you have a picture where we see their feet ? :D


  14. thanks for the help guys
    I was able to save my whole hd
    I have my pc back and now I have to install everything, and set the settings right
    Not everything is working so far, but with the right drivers, it will, I hope

    I installed all updates etc and now it loads everything into c4d ;)

    @"last comment"
    nope, they don't wear high heels, they were some armored boots, matching to their armor

    thanks for the cheering
    I hope I can go back to work soon ;)

    btw, does somebody know hot to add "comment notification" here?
    I don't see if someone posts a comment on my blog on any older post, besides I remembererd the comment count...

  15. @Knight77
    Cool, good to hear you're back on track, so to speak. Can hardly wait for new works...

    Cheers, Jess