Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Figure


well well, who could that be :P
if you don't recognize her, I think I have to start again, or delete her in frustration xD
everyone else can make his/her suggestions as well^^
I will solve the "mystery" later after some comments
just tell me how you like her

btw, the lightning isn't perfect yet, but I wanted to show you first the character before I change settings for hours and then see it was a waste of time



  1. @Knight77
    Sylvanas ! DON'T delete her ! She's perfect ! ^^

    I think that Varimathras will have a meeting with her ^^ and... I Think that Varimathras (or another) can't resist her hot body ^^

    Thank you so much Knight ^^



    PS: It's NadIa, with "I" ^^

  2. Yes. Please. Make her being fucked even more hard then Whitemane. This would be just awesome cool...

  3. sylvanas looks hot, want to see you do a big set with her like you do whitemane, though the pink is kinda weird

  4. She looks like an evil lord. Or some kind of demoness. But definitely evil. It will be very good if we can take a closer look at her.

  5. She looks good, but what I really love is the chamber/lighting/etc, basically all the background, especially in the 2nd image. Fantastic!

  6. Yes it is Sylvanas^^
    Sorry! Nadia^^

    Definitely! xD

    The Set is supposed to look more purple like her original armor, but in this light, it sure looks too pink, but only her metallic chest piece

    @Fat Tony:
    She was once a Banshee queen, until she could seperated herself from the will of the Lich King and became the queen of the undead called "The Forsaken"

    Thanks. The background lightning came out really good, but thats sadly no light for a figure to set in, because everything would be too dark. It's hard to create a dark atmospheric light with still much to see in poser. So I created another light area around her.

    I will work a little more on her and show you the pictures
    means the action pics will take a little more time^^

  7. Wow I love this character she's something of a Necromancer brilliant.

    Aussie Fan

  8. Я бы ей лизал всю жизнь, сделай пожалуйста побольше такого, с сюжетом пожалуста.