Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revenge of the Worgen

After Sylvanas raided Gilneas and fought against the worgen, she didn't managed to escape all of them. A small group of worgen were able to catch her and taking revenge on her for attacking Gilneas and using the plague...

5r921_worgrev_2a_dirt.png free image host




  1. Good work!
    I'm a big fan of all things werewolf :)

  2. Yeah, that's what I call a good stuffing, hehe.

    Take it, bitch !!!


  3. The last one is best for me, good work! :)

  4. @Knight77
    when i look on your renders i can't understand one thing, why you don't use shadow blur in light properties? You have at least two shadows from different lighting sources on her body, don't remember how it's work in poser, but i think this is possibility to blur away second shadow.

    Just my 2 cents. Good Luck!

    and sry for my english :D

  5. @hitman, I will try this shadow blur you mentioned
    I allready changed some things in properties, but often wasn't the result I wanted or testrenders took way too long

  6. This is just ^$#%#^$#@$^ cool....

    If i can suggest something, look at this

    Have fun with your next works.

  7. @knight77
    u still can try c4d r12 and daz studio, daz studio can export scenes in *.obj format, c4d has plugin for advanced interactions with OBJ called Riptide Pro. It's easy, build up your scene in C4D, pose characters in DAZ(this is way better than in poser, just AWESOME IK and workflow)...

    there also some tweaks for poser character that can be done with TXT editor xD

    you can split material zones of poser character with same textures\settings

    just open Runtime\Geometries\DAZPeople\blMilWom_v4b.obj with txt editor and rename material zones names like 2_SkinTorso,2_SkinHip, etc. to something like BODY_ZONE or anything ;)

    final way it's - setup your materials inside C4D, move them to NullObject(they must be assinged to material zones of your models). This is will be your material base. Just place models without any materials(Riptide Pro your helper) in NullObject, and viola - they have materials that you already created! New scene? No problems - replace old models with new one.... And of course you can continue working in DAZ when C4D does render for you... :)

    Poser like render in C4D without GI - less than one minute even with better quality!

    Poser like render in C4D with vray and GI - less than five minutes with more than better quality than in poser.

    Something more advanced? Hmm... can be also done in 30 minutes or maybe not(without optimisations)... all in your hands...

    Also you can do some changes to already posed models in C4D, smooth annoying craks in couple clicks, improve v4's genitails...

    Just think about it... ;)

    I know poser with it's limitations can be a worst pain in the ass....

    ps. sorry for my english

  8. OMG one of my favs!!

    i donwload it in my university and all my class love it!

  9. Sylvanas looks awesome ! I think she the best you character !!

  10. Utterly and completely superb! You are my absolute favorite 3D artist out there :) Thank you for making my day with this set!

  11. Great Work! Love the more vibrant colors of these recent pics. Keep it up!!

  12. thanks for the positive comments :)

    I hace C4D R11.5 so far
    and I'm still not so great with it
    but I get some tutorials from a friend in some days so I hope can do a bit better with it

    xD great you and your class likes it ;)
    what do you study if I may ask^^

  13. sylvanis skin tone is amazing. I love the contrast with her eyes.

  14. So sweet thanks for your hard work.

  15. Amazing art! Talented author! Thank you for your work!!!
    Can you make blowjob animation for worgens and sylvan
    like at picture 3?

    Regards and BIG THANKS for your creation!!!!

  16. Oh yes! Make more worgen art!

  17. Looks fantastic. I like the 'BlueGal' the best myself.
    Thank you very much for all your efforts.

  18. .. and what about an animation of the second picture (above that anim.)? :D It looks the most executive.. For all cases Great work!! *THUMBS UP*

  19. there is no animation for the second picture, it is just a picture ;)

  20. Создавай поинтереснее сюжет и больше картинок ! ! !

  21. Im confused, is there only one animation? there's no threesome animation.