Saturday, February 12, 2011


I made a new head banner and a wallpaper for everyone who like it ;) free image host

btw, I counted the number of downloads of my videos
If I had wanted 5 Euro-Cent per download, I could have bought myself a new pc, where I could render everything while I am working on the other, with ease xD


  1. You should make some separate wall papers of each character. Like Whitemane doing a catcrawl with a nice view of that wonderful ass of hers...

    ...just a thought.

  2. Amazing work. Keep it up ^_^

  3. Amazing work, as always.

    Would you ever consider uploading the poser files for your blood elf or Whitemane?

  4. I believe I have fallen into virtual love with your sylvanis. Her face is nice and smooth, the breast size is perfect, and I can't get over those eyes!

  5. Set up a paypal donation button. Your work is some of the best out there.

  6. I think I love Sylvanas too xD. She looks smokin hot !!