Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BloodElf Ashbringer free image host free image host

Just a small update to show you that I am still alive
some pictures and clips I worked on
a bigger role plays this Bloodelf paladin who has to fight not only with her sword free image host
Download: RS free image host
Download: RS free image host
Download: RS


I also worked on a Alexstrasza Version
see below with the Paladin and Sylvanas



  1. Life has been proven! As always your top tier creations are thoroughly welcomed.

  2. those 1080p shots make good backgrounds

  3. is this a small update?, oh my god. Thanks a lot man.

    On the other hand, only a small observation, I noticed that you could bring the shoulders of tier 2 for the paladin and I have been very good, it would be great to do the same with the armor of Sylvanas especially in the shoulder detail on the other hand, the queen dragon skin color is more tan.


  4. here is hoping for a vid of that 3way blowjob!

  5. hiya, been following your work for a while now. I have a question - why do you use RapidShare for you videos? Do you gain anything from it? If not, I'd just like to recommend MediaFire instead. No wait time between downloads = win, especially if someone wants to download all of your videos in one swoop.

    It's not all that important though. It's just a suggestion.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi
    about RS:
    yes I do gain some points if someone is downloading from my uploads and gets a premium acc himself
    and while I am using RS for downloading myself, I am happy with every extra points to pay the prem acc :)

  7. I'll download a thousand times to get your more points, as long as you keep these AMAZING updates coming, I can't wait for more of Alexstrasza.

    Seeing some more anal action with Sylvanas never hurts ;)

    Keep up the insanely amazing work. <3

  8. I still can't get over your sylvanis. She is so beautifully done. And I totally love her eyes. Of course the rest is really well done too. The clothes you created for her are also marvelous.

  9. And while i'm at it, in response to the last poster, sometimes a little action that hurts can be a good thing. ;)