Friday, July 1, 2011

BloodElf Ashbringer +

I made two more pictures in Vue


there are some render/pixel errors and I don't know how to avoid them
must be something with depth of fields and anti aliasing
just try to ignore them and they look great xD


  1. Amazing work, I would also like to see some videos with Alexstrasza, or are you already working on that? :D

    Keep up the good work

  2. nope, not working on anythign specific right now
    but there will be something of her ;)

  3. Awesome freaking work!
    Recently found your blog after I was cleaning up my PC. Saw one of your videos (Don't remember ever having downloaded it haha) and your website is simply amazing.

  4. This is the best WOW-porn i've ever seen... Does it take a lot of time finishing a video?
    Would have been amazing to see a longer video with a good story :)

    I enjoy them Trolls and Elfs xP^^

  5. Also... Would you mind making the Text smaller, and in the bottom right/left corner? Or are there a way to get the originals?
    The reason i'm asking is coz i'd like to use some of the images as Wallpapers :)

  6. Long wait time is long... Don't wanna rush your work or anything, but I'm wondering if you're still alive.

  7. Delighted with the lovely batch of updates you shared! As usual, some really outstanding work! Still not convinced about using Vue as a rendering platform, the results are beautiful in a lot of ways but typically its so bloody slow that it makes me nuts, but the noise you mention is typically only removable by adding further AA passes. Welcome back!

  8. I am still alive!
    Usually I don't care about watermarks on my own pictures, since I don't earn money with it, but I also want to make it too easy for these art thieves and their pay sites
    people should find that watermark, look at my blog and see that they were tricked and be a little more cautious about those sites

    Vue still isn't the best solution for rendering poser models, but since there were a new version, I was hoping it would be easier
    but I will try the new DAZ Studio 4, and of course the new Poser 9 and Pro 2012 they announced ;)
    these noises in the picture came from a certain level of AA, together with a grain filter, but I could find them in the settings to change

  9. i removed the white dots and sent images to knight77 :D, and some images that were missing to :D