Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year

Time is running fast, as allways.
Didn't realized that the last update was soooo long ago.
I am on a course for my design education and I learned a lot, but have to work a lot to keep and improve these new skills and my poser projects aren't the best way to do that. So I had to cut back these projects.
Nevertheless I still got some projects going on once I needed a break from my other projects.
So I will let you see what may come in a distant future. (this may sound evil, but so you have something to cheer for ;) )

Alexstrasza and Deathwing free image host

Sylvanas and Arthas Lich King free image host

Tyrande and Nature free image host

Jaina and Thrall, Varian an Garrosh free image host free image host

Jaina and Thrall, Varian and Arthas LK free image host free image host

testrender of the WoW Leader Girls free image host

here with IDL free image host

I rendered some animations and other images, but I wasn't satisfied with them, so they won't appear here
but don't worry, they were not worth showing

So this is just a sign of life
I can't promise you anything about the next update and its release, but I think there are enough great artists linked with my blog, where you can spend your time looking at their blogs :)
even so, I hope the great hitman will find some time to do more work of his own



  1. mmm what can i say, you are one of my favorite artist, thanks a lot for all. Happy new year, and your art is more better with the time.

  2. Hi.

    Nice to hear from you, yes, it has been a while. Thanks for the pics, looks all mighty promising IMHO.

    Cheers, and a happy new year, too.


  3. Wow, looks really great! Though admitedly there seems to be a role reversal :P

    I would think that Sylvanas and Alextraza would be a bit more against being fucked by Deathwing and Arthas, because they're their mortal enemys. I would expect more of a rape and less of a approval :P

    And Jaina I would think she would be trying to bring Thrall and Wrynn together for a peace offering ;), but things seem much more rapey and non consensual! Hense the role reversal..

    Pfff, but don't be disuaded by me, this is more talking outloud then anything else. I LOVE your work, keep going! Thank you!

  4. Happy NY Knight.

    This is some awesome stuff.
    I love u'r Alexstraza :) Perhaps you should make Tyrande a bit taller, I got the feeling she is the tallest woman in WoW.

    Your work is progressing nicely, you are already one of the giants like Umemaro or 3dgspot! The rendering is very nice and I manage to get them into HD no problem.

    Best wishes and keep working on your great art.

  5. where is the lesbian set ?

  6. Glad to see you're doing well :D thanks for the fun pics! <3

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  8. Hi

    Just took a look at

    Umemaro or 3dgspot

    You are miles better


  9. Tyrande and Nature is 10|10 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great work man , i love Your art and i'm looking forward for some new pics.
    Oh and yeah a HD versions of them would be great.

    Happy new year :)

  11. Like your older art, The new works look Awesome, Love to see more.

  12. Sylvanas and Arthas Lich King one is just awesome.FrostMourne hungers!!

  13. Make a video of Illidan raping Tyrande. That would be awesome! Love the work so far! Keep it up!

  14. Hope you change Jaina's model a bit, don't like the anorexic look. But other than that, all good! As always.

    1. Yea, she is looking a little skinny there... I like he tits though, don't change them

  15. Great Work Yo! I am look to seeing some draenei babes pop out! Keep this work up, I hope you post soon!

  16. Tyrande is amazing! More pls :D

  17. hi love r blog it great my fav are the tentacle pic their great hope to see more will be folling ur blog alot more from here on out

  18. Been a while since we saw some lifesign from you Knight ^^
    Hope seeing something in the future, since you definatly deserve to be one of the top 10 of the 3d artist. Animation concerned i`d vote Top3.

    Anyways enough of the praise. Really looking forward to you getting "Back to buisness"


  19. Knight, where are you ?

  20. Sometime in the last month... Knight was declared M.I.A., much to the horror of fans throughout the internet.

    If you're not back soon Knight, we may have to take measures to get you back!

    1. Seriously man, it may come to that...
      I mean, even if it's just a "Hi, this is what I've been doing..." with no pics or vids or download links, at least we know you're alive!


  21. horn babe and hood elf hot