Thursday, July 26, 2012

Does someone know...

 a Selene or Lara Croft like outfit for V4?
I think I saw a lot of them, but don't know where to look and for what name because they aren't called "Lara Outfit"
If someone knows some good, please let me know :)



  1. Nice character and outfit! Don't know why you'd need to look for more - looks great as they are! But you could always check DAZ and use their search menu to look for V4 Fantasy clothing - some similar stuff in there.

  2. Search for Hi-Fantasy Treasure Hunter V4 ;)

  3. thank you zzomp :)

    I used the gun harness from another figure, which causes problems while bending
    and because I want my figures ready for animations, I have to use suiting clothes :)

  4. Slide3d also has some nice ones called "Time Action" over at renderosity. They should be on the market still. He also has some nice bodysuits and with a corset you could easily pull off the selene look.