Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ns = no sound

After I worked on some new sounds I decided that I won't finish every animation with sound files
It is way too much work and it often sounds like crap
Sometimes it really adds something special, but most of my animations work fine without

In general some background music would be nice, so it isn't so damn silent and boring
but this is a bit difficult with a loop, especially this short
so "music" in the background wouldn't work, just a noise maybe

I will upload all my clips I made so far in the next days / weeks (depending on how fast I can upload) so you will have some sort of regulare updates^^
but they will find a shortcut on most of the files "ns"
"ns" stands for "no sound"

Still I made 5 clips with sound
Maybe I will work on some of the others too, but theres no guarantee for that

Starting with the first two new clips:

It's TERA again
my version of a Castanic to be more specific

RS Download
RS Download



don't worry there will be WoW related clips as well

there are 40 more clips ;)


  1. As expected great work. I like her eye´s. Do you plan some tentacle clips. Your former T clips where really good. Can´t wait to see more.
    A Fan

  2. heya ! hey , she look pretty ^^

    can you create an wallpaper with she alone lying down ? ^^

    keep up good work !

  3. Quality Animation clips as always. You are the best Knight!

  4. Hello,
    I have a problem with extracting compressed file. He refuses the extraction or the extracted file will not open. I use Power Archiver 2011 and as VLC viewer.

    1. The password is wrong on this post, use the old password, mate

    2. I corrected the post
      it should be working now

  5. amazing as always knight, everything is great!

  6. Wow, 40??? Now I'm excited :3

  7. imo the sound is a nice-to-have extra,
    but the clips work just fine without...

  8. As a big fan of CGI and 3d Art, I must say are by far my favorite. Your creativity and risque genre keeps me coming back again and again. Please keep up the fantastic work. And PS. I am female!!! putting an end to all those that say "Girls dont play MMO's" Your the best Knight! Huggles!

  9. Thanks @ all :)

    I am a female too!!

    just kidding :P
    but I know some female players as well, played with some for a long time in a raid group for example