Thursday, March 14, 2013

crazy, stupid, lo... problems free image host

Problems solved!
after several re-installations and some hours later, I got Poser Pro to work again properly

SR3 solved the genital error
after Installing my content again, I got problems with the queue renderer, which doesn't started anymore
->reason was the "Poser.exe" I created to be able to install some of the Daz.Installers
after deleting this file it worked again
don't know why daz installer can't work with PoserPro.exe and don't know why Poser.exe blocks queue manager....
If someone else got these problemes, here is your solution (hopefully)

The IK problem is connected with the morphforms
waistbend causes the legs to move forward/backward because of the changed hip position which was altered with "waistbend"
too bad, my castanic looked really great with that overstretched back

 does somebody know if there is a script for poser, which converts the morphforms into transforms?

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