Sunday, March 10, 2013

Help me Poser users, please!

I re-installed my windows some weeks ago and re-installed most of the programs again.
Now I started Poser Pro 2012 again and I get this crap:

I don't know where the problem lies....
I copied the whole runtime folder, so the error can't be in this area

before I could scale the genital as large as I wanted without this problem:

I run the Service Release 2 as before
(tried SR3.1 but there I got problems with Inverse Kinamatics, where the parts don't stay at their place when I switch IK on/off)
(If I swith between IK on/off several times, the hand or foot moves through my screen, everytime a bit)

Could I have missed something to install?
Something like a curtain version of NET.Framework or something?
Or do I need DAZ Studio to be installed (I think I had installed it before but never really used it)

If you know any solutions, let me know
I can't use SR3 because of that IK shit, which makes it impossible to animate and on SR2 I can't get an unbroken penis... (didn't testet it with SR3 yet, but I doubt it and not beeing able to animate is even worse)


  1. I am running PoserPro2012 SR3 myself. I haven't seeen any kind of error like that before. My best guess as of now is to uninstall the prop, install daz, and then reinstall it. I found that not having daz installed for some reason can cause all kinds of weird issues during installation (especially if it was an executable installer).

    As for the IK thing have you tried going into setup and checking the IK box for the limb that you need?

    That seems to cure most of my issues (still get the gigglies sometimes), was a pain in the arse before I learned that though.

    Good luck!

    1. no I haven't used the setup room very often yet
      this IK error is completely new
      you have to imagine it that way:
      you pose a figure
      you switch IK on on right leg -> leg twists a little
      you turn IK of on right leg -> leg moves a little upwards
      IK on: moves a little more and twisted
      IK off; moves more

      end result: your leg is on totally different place as where you posed it first

      especially when using Poser dots and switching between first and last frame
      the figure looks different everytime

    2. Yeah that is quite strange. You have a lot more experience animating that I do, so I will defer to your expertise.

      As for the poser issue, I am afraid a reinstall (of the prop) is in order. This sounds like a registry issue. Unless you cloned your drive before reinstalling.

  2. I have upgrade my PC with a SSD hard drive and have to reinstall all. I have try at first to install Poser Pro 2012 and only the update SR3.1 but got funny issues. Have remove Poser and I have reinstall Poser Pro 2012, after I have install each Poser update one by one from SR1.0 to SR3.1, and all working good, I do not have Daz3D install. My Poser Pro 2012 Content is not inside Poser, I have set that folder to be on my second hard drive. Poser and Daz3D do not communicate between each other.

    Hope it help you.

    1. I think I need to make a clean re-install, after everything is deinstalled and try it bit by bit
      I don't want to re-install my whole runtime
      I reorganized my character, pose etc folder for a better overview
      that would be a hell of a work to do that again

      DAZ Studio and Poser are somehow connected
      I could't install the V4 and M4 Base figure without a certain DAZ folder

      and I had this problem with the genitals once before, but I didn't know what fixed that
      I just noticed it some time later

    2. For that I keep my "Poser Pro 2012" runtime on my second hard drive(Y: hard drive), in case I have to reinstall Poser on the C: hard drive, for your V4 and M4 issues, I think you did not import the geometrie in Poser runtime, like I tell you I have not reintall Daz, it have some tuto on the web that tell how to do it.(export V4.2 or M4 or Genesis to Poser runtime)

    3. before I re-installed windows, I saved the whole Runtime folder on my external HD and copied back afterwards and now I got these problems

    4. For Poser to save is runtime folder on my second hard drive, I have to change some default Poser Preference setting.
      Check Poser manual page 34 and 35.

    5. I re-installed it one by one
      before I had installed sr3 the genital bug still existed, but with sr3 it worked again
      the IK problem is still there, but this might be an issue with the morphs installed
      the v4 base figure doesn't have this problem
      if so, I have to rebuild all my figures -.-

    6. well, on SR 3 the genital works again, but Queue Manager won't run anymore....
      without SR it works just fine

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      in fact a reallly great one
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