Monday, May 13, 2013

these girls are melting down my pc

seriously, after rendering it over night, I watched my core temperature (because there were allready some problems with the performance) and saw that one core sometimes reached 100°C

Well, five years of rendering and pushing the core the it's maximum sure got on the hardware.
I hope I can afford a new one by the mid/end of the year.

here are the hot ladies

I know that some of you want more vaginal than anal sex, but I simply love to look at her whole body with her beautifull pussy fully visible
not to mention her great shaped breasts ;)

if erogenesis finds a solution for the problem with his lali bits not working with some clothes/ after loading/ after adding M4, I will do more vaginal sex scenes
right now there are to many errors when rendering it with queue manager, because of loading it into it

Here another combination of several clips to fit together
even tried do a climax for him (well its rather quick and short, but that's how it is usually, right :P)




  1. Damn, would love to have a girl like that in my runtime!

  2. Excellent job. I've lurked your content on a daily basis for years and I suppose the least I could do is comment on each update. (I was the one that requested double anal on Sylvanas a long time back)

  3. well, as for myself, I prefer anal sex, so I completely agree with you Knight. Btw, both animations are so great, that...well, they are simply flawless xD

  4. The work you did with their skin is so awsome!
    They look so real, i was so moved that my tears were coming out.

    Sorry for the bad english

  5. pretty fantastic truth be told

  6. ces juste du tres bon travail.

  7. Excellent work! Defiantly looking forward to seeing your work on Sylvana.

  8. Nice, and I hope your core will survive until you get a new one. And he is not dying in vain at all
    Your skill is growing every time, the BJ scene is Awesome. I am curious about your future work
    A Fan

  9. If you're hitting 100 degrees C for your CPU, there's no need to buy a new processor or system - Just make sure your heatsink is clear of dust and your case airflow is good enough. Add more fans/replace them if needed.

    You may want to also pick up a new heatsink, if you're using the stock/OEM one (but they should be fine if you're not overclocking). I suggest the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, $30 for far better cooling than the stock heatsink for most systems.

    1. I have a liquid cooling set, the fans are dust free
      the temperature goes sometimes up to 127°C and that's way too much

      I don't want to spent anymore money on this pc
      it will work for normal office stuff when I sort this one out
      the next money goes to my next pc ;)

  10. Nice work!
    Can't wait for more Sylvanas.

  11. is it just me, or are there no previews of my pictures hosted on dumppix?

  12. I think it was just temporary
    Today the preview show up but yesterday there wasn't any

    Soory for the bad english

    1. no, I changed the hoster from dumppix to blogspots integrated file host
      I will update the other files on my site when I find the time for that

  13. If you only had any idea how nice it is to see you updating :)