Saturday, May 4, 2013

castanic WIPs

Got a really tight schedule this semester
sleep and freetime is a very rare thing right now...
finally got a weekend on my own to catch up on some things but allready wasted one day of it for sleep and 3D-crap
crap because I couldn't decide what to do exactly
couldn't set up scenes I was satisfied with, so I started new ones and throw them away later...
kind of burned out right now
nevertheless, here is what I did:

not everything is from today, but these are some ideas I started but couldn't finish


  1. They're more then cute, they're gorgeous.
    Love them a lot. The girl on the right(that with longest hairs) is the best i think, dunno why,but the render where she's sucking her eyes looks beautiful.Hope to see some more of her,as well of her friends in some future. Oh and one thing - i think they look best if they're clean shaved down there :)

    PS. Could you make the right one castanic girl in middle one girl's outfit + stockings if there would be soem time? She's gonna be awesome that way.
    Take care

  2. Looks awesome, beautiful works! Keep up the great work! Look forward to the scenes in the future

  3. Love the last girl, kinda wish my castanic could look like that.

  4. great, only make pls vaginal sex too

  5. Very Nice followed your work for a while now, you should do a movie with Cross World stuff; TERA ONLINE and WoW. :D

  6. Nothing beats a BJ from a Castanic!