Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blender and Tera

I am still a noob with blender, because it's so fucking huge
But I know some basics and try more stuff
I managed to extract some game files and I was able to assemble them (well, body, hands and legs where allready on the right spot, but the head and the hair layed beneath the body... creeepy)
I edited the models, so that some clothes are gone or changeable, exportet it into poser and rendered it via Octane
Does one of you have a better knowledge with blender and knows how to export the right rig and the animation files?

Sexy, aren't they?Now imagine them together with a male castanic in some action

I heard from female players, that the male castanics are quite sexy because of their sixpack


  1. Wow! Really hot!
    I like the armored one^^

  2. Hi Knight77,

    Welcome to Blender, take a look at my blog, I give the link for a good addon script to export from Daz to Blender with all Cycles nodes build.

    For model I use Collada export, it will load the bones.
    It also have a addon to rig it all.


    1. hey there
      daz doesn't really works for me since I work with poser ;) but thanks for it anyway
      I am far away from be good with blender, but I work on it

    2. They have a version for Poser:

      Poser have the export Collada, to export the girl with bones in Blender.
      I was using Poser Pro 2012 with Octane render plugin before.
      But now I am moving my content to Blender and will use Cycles on GPU to render.
      Daz3d 4.6 have very good tools in it, I use it to create my model and export it in Blender, I find it better that Poser for morphs transfert to dress, and it is free. Daz will read Poser files.
      I use the mcjTeleBlender addon script to export a scene to Blender because it will build all the Cycles nodes for the textures. And I animate in Blender, I do not use the addon script animation option.

    3. ok
      so you are exporting it from Poser to DAZ to Blender, right?
      the problem I have with collada in Poser is that it is not working properly
      when I export collada it doesn't create a .dae file, it only exports the textures, but there is nor file of my scene

    4. You could import in Daz your Poser content, figure, props or scene, Daz will read all Poser files in the import window, select Poser extension. And from Daz use the addon script to export all to Blender for a static render, or use Daz Collada to export a figure with her bones for animation in Blender.