Wednesday, January 15, 2014

my figures

These are my beauties
the one on the right is my beloved lancer
the dark one is my new evil mystic of lust

They wear the torpedo bathing suite, with some slight changes ;)
But I got some updates with Poser and Octane too
 I have to resize most of my textures if I want to add more figures and props to the scene
most of my used skin textures have a size of 4000x4000
I will reduce them to 2000x2000, since its about 1/3 of the ram used on the card and I could see a difference in quality

I will do some close ups to see it better, but so far 2000texture map reduces the ram cost of one V4 char from ~800mb to ~250mb

but before I can render anything new, I have to repair my graphic card....
not all fans are working

two renderings
one with 4000x4000 textures,
the other with 2000x2000

can you tell which one?
I can't!
maybe I can even go down to 1000x1000

still so much to learn about 3D


  1. Beautiful work as always! I am glad you got the tex shrinking in hand. The girls are next level! -G