Friday, April 4, 2014

Octane update

OTOY announce Octane v2 and it finally contains displacement mapping....
A feature I was expecting to be at least in the v1.x release, because it's a basic texture feature in 3D software!

Another update was the 1.5 of the standalone renderer and the plugins.
I installed the updated the plugin for Poser, it has some nice additions, but the custom figures I made are not really compatible with the new update... I have to re-build a lot of the materials... which is a pain in the ass.
The Texture scaling has a problem with the old version and I get a lot of errors.
But it's not effecting everything, which is kind of worse, because this way I have to look on every figure/prop it there is an error to be fixed or not
Otherwise I stumble on it while rendering

A lot of work just for an update :(

and here something bad from sfm


  1. Still very lovely, keep up the good work :) love all your stuff!

  2. Naah it isn't a bad gif.
    But could you tell me, that is it hard to make these gifs?
    Because it seemed really hard in the preview of how to use SFM (though I'd like to make these gifs).

    1. Well...
      to use SFM is difficult if you have used other animation software before
      You just need some time to get behind the logic of it
      the aniomations you are doing with it are totally your style

  3. love your momiji animation. do you have on in higher resolution?

    1. I guess I could upload them in better/higher quality
      but then only in avi or mp4 format

  4. Can you reupload this?