Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parenting Problem Solved!

Just a quick info, for everyone else who had this problem with parenting bodyparts (hands, feet) from one figure to another (V4, M4).
(Don't know if the problems are with the Poser original figures/content, because I don't use them and deleted them from my Runtime.)

I posted the problem one post before with the deforming of the parented body parts, which won't normalize again after de-parenting.

Well, if you want to move the hands of M4 with the exact movements of V4 hips for example, here is quick guide:

  1. poser figures, M4 hands on V4 hips
  2. use inverse kinematics - LeftArm, RightArm
  3. select Left Hand
  4. Menu - Object - Change Parent...  -> parent to V4 hip
      (If you have allready animated V4 hip, hand will automatically move.)
  5. repeat step 3 and 4 for the Right Hand
  6. animate your M4 and V4 until you are satisfied
  7. use inverse kinematics and remove for LeftArm, RightArm
      (remove it without changing the parenting. this way keyframes will be made for the handparts)
  8. save the pose of M4 with all frames of the animation
  9. load a new M4 figure
10. load pose/animation on the new M4 figure

This way you can use the smooth parented movement without the ugly deformation!
I usually remove all inverse kinematics before saving a pose/animation
You can save the pose/animation with or without Body Transformation and Morph Channels
Morph Channels won't bring the deformation back!

I hope that helped everyone who had the same problem all these years!
For everyone else who allready knew it, you could have told me!

here is a test animation
(also tried magnets the first time, but the magnet zone wasn't working on the location it was placed...)


  1. One problem for me on this, was when a parented something between models of different sizes. It will deform the part and grow/shrink it to that size. For example, if the orc body is at 110%, and you parent the hand to the elf who is at 90%, it will shrink the hand.

    I would get around this by parenting a small prop to the elf's head, for example, and then make it match the orc's size afterwards. Then make it invisible, and parent the orc to the prop. The hand still will match the head, because the prop it is matched to is!

    1. interessting
      didn't know that deforming was connected to the figure size
      in the animation above, the orc is 130% and the castanic 95%

      Soooooo.... in this case, I would need a prop, scale it to 130%, parent it to the hip and then parent the m4 hand to the prop?
      Is that right?

    2. For example, let's say you're trying to stick that Orc's right hand to the back of her head. I would:

      1. Parent a small object (I use Loadz from Darkseal out of habit since its a small ball, but I don't think it matters) to her head, near where you want the Orc's hand to go.

      2. Resize the Orb to 130% (Orc's size), then make it invisible. If you resize the object later it sometimes causes weird issues).

      3. Parent the Orc's hand to the prop.

      That SHOULD work, sometimes you may get a weird bug.

    3. Just tested it:
      Yep, thats a way to go^^
      It would be wise to add to all my common figures some invisible props at and name them like the bodyparts

    4. The post above, was to my own comment, but it's the same as you said

      weird bugs happen if I try to make the prop a little smaller by scaling it over the x,y,z scales
      which means, all scale dials have to be at 100%, except the main scale, which has to be the same size as the figure which will be added
      (just writing it this way, if anyone else want to follow)

    5. Glad to hear I can give some advice to an artist that was one of the major inspirations for me to buy Poser and start making pronz!

      Keep up the good work!

    6. Yeah, that's why I just get a small prop and then make it invisible after attaching. That way I won't have to mess with it to hide it.

    7. I was looking for a small prop to use, Darksealz Loadz is a good choice^^

      it only gets a litte messy, if you want to remove all the parenting because of saving it as pose/animation
      but if you parent the M4 hand back to the M4 Body, it seems to work
      just don't disable IK before reparenting, or you have to pose everything again

    8. Do you have your own blog or tumblr?

    9. Nothing right now, although I may later on. A long while ago I made a thread on Darknest but stopped. I have skilled up a bit since then.

      I'll let you know if I start one up!

    10. Great looking stuff, always love your updates.

      You could also try constraints. I was picking Chimera46's brain a few months ago and dropped that jewel on me. As long as the movement isn't too crazy it does a reliable job of following the "parent".

    11. this is cool. a better way then he mentioned to grab something.
      I don't know if I can use it in my animations, but for picking up stuff it's great
      maybe I miss something here. for what did chimera use it?^^

    12. Hand placement in his animations. I used it as well in the same fashion. It can get a bit dicey if what your pinning it to has a lot of motion going on. But its useful nonetheless.

  2. Great work, man ! Always glad to hear you sorted some issues out. Could you consider doing an animated version of this earlier image of yours in the future ?

    I really dig the pose.