Sunday, November 1, 2015


Hey everyone.
I wanted to post something months ago, but during the week I am so exhausted when I come home and I put if off again and again and again.
It has been nine months now since the last post, which is an incredible long time for you guys, but for me time was just passing by. Not really in the good - "Oh yeah, I have so much fun"- way. Rather - "Oh damn, I have so much to do"- way.
My days got into boring routine: Go to work in the morning, working 7-11 hours, coming back, checking stuff like HF and go to sleep, sometimes playing a bit of Tera, but that's it.
At the weekends I am trying to do a bit of 3DX with Poser and trying to learn stuff with Blender, so I can switch completely to it for my 3DX.

I had a big motivation downtime because of my pc.
You may remember the problems I had with it shortly after buying. Well it got even worse.
But to sum it all up: in the two (well, less than two) years of owning, I had to work with just one graphic card for more than 8 months, one was allways in repair, plus more than 2 months completely without any working pc. So all my motivation went down, because everytime I wanted to start something, the pc was broken somehow....
I got it hopefully fixed now. But "fixed" isn't the right word for it. I had to invest another big amount of money to make it work. Which also required a big load of work and nerves to deal with.

So I was basicly just too lazy to post anything, because it needed some brain-activity, which I couldn't spare.
Because of that I lay all my Patreon plans and whatsoever on ice, because it means keeping things updated and do social networking, advertising and stuff. I just can't handle it right now.
If was doing this fulltime, I could make it happen, and a lot of cool stuff would come from this. But it is just a hobby of me and right now, I don't find enough time for it.
On the other hand, if I demand money for it, I may be more motivated, because it brings me money xD.
I will think about that. I definitly need a plan for it to work out properly.

BUT, yes there is a promising butt...
But I am still working on 3DX, because I love making it.

I just can't do it as often as I want to and I am also not often satisfied with the results or the possiblities Poser gives me.
Poser is a great tool and a lot of artists like the awesome Erogenesis do great stuff with it, but I am not investing more time into it. I am concentrating on Blender.
But for a lot of questions, I can't just ask my normal friends with Blender knowledge: "Hey man, how can I make a rig for nude figures, where the vagina will spread correctly?"
Or: "Damn, I've got all these awesome nude figures for SFM, but I want them to use in Blender, but the importer doesn't work well. Do you have any idea to solve this?"

Help is a bit rare for these specific tasks.
I know that some 3DX artists are using Blender as well, and some SFM Modder work with Blender as well. I need to find and contact them somehow, maybe I will get the help I need.

When I am through with a retopo of the the castanic game figures, I also want to get in contact with Ellowas, who is a great rigger and animator with Maya and 3D Max.

Sadly Blender is a bit out-of-date when it comes to import games files.
It may can export Unreal files without problems, but the import script is old as shit and still "in progress" (which haven't been touched for more than 2 years).
Unreal animations doesn't work, but at least importing the meshes is working "ok"...
(Still bugs with bones and postioning, but that can be fixed easily)

But I got this beauty without triangles and with a rig, that suites my needs (and other needs). together with the armors attached, it will be awesome to animate with Blender, and build up scenes on my own.

Blender would even give me the tools to make 360 degrees videos for your Oculus.
I have done that for other content, and it would be awesome.
Maybe even interactive with Unity.
I was working with Unreal Engine 4, which is also free, but they are not quite as good for VR than Unity.

But that's still future talking for my 3DX as long as I don't have everything working in Blender.

That's how it is now.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to respond as soon as possible, but please don't be frustrated if it takes some time.
I could use an assistant to handle all that. Female, good looking, beeing perverted as I am, in Germany... anyone?.... no one?... damn...



  1. LOL that ending... that explains quite a lot my friend, a lot of people here was even concerned about your life lol... it´s good to know you are well and still having plans to come back... sadly I can´t provide you with a german perverted female assistant, but i would definitely support you on patreon if you decide to open one.

    BTW this is only a little suggestion, but since you are a bit short in time now, maybe you can try finishing your WIPS from april of last year... slowly and progressively... just to keep your fans entertained every once in a while :)

    1. I will try
      I still have of the files, I am just not satisfied with some of them.
      Often I just start a new animation instead of editing the old ones.

    2. That is more than understandable for someone with very high standards as yourself, yet im sure your fans will love every scrap of food you can toss them (me included lol) we just love your girls too much!

    3. Agreed would love to get the older files that never got uploaded, even if they aren't as good as you would hope.

  2. Finally good news from you ;)

  3. Good to hear from you, I knew it would pay off to keep looking at this blog. Take your time, I hope your PC stops giving you shit.

    ...und auch als Deutscher kann ich dir leider nicht helfen, da ich nicht weiblich bin. ;)

  4. Glad to see you are still making Castanic animations, I'm crazy on Tera which is most of the reason love your 3d models so much.

    The America server is great, I swapped from EU tera cause of the erp server they have over there... xD

    Have you thought about how you would want to setup a system to make some money? donations, patreon or buying the animations?

    1. I agree man her castanic gals are even better looking than the ones in game... but it´s that red haired blood elf that has been driving me crazy for a while now!

    2. I thought about Patreon, but this is not settled

    3. Do you mean you like the castanics shown above better, or my usual castanics shown on this blog?

    4. This is the Anon from above, my oppinion might differ from others, but your custom made Castanics show a lot more emotion and are a lot more expressive (specially when fucked) in comparison to the flat faced ones in game... moreover they also got better complexion for erotic scenery. ;-)

  5. i hope to see more castanics from behind with your anims :3
    also as far as i know you can import blender animations to unity and give us a freecamera view which is perfect for some animations ! just keep it up and i still think your animations were perfect especially that castanic one from behind.
    I hoped to see you atleast in summer time but you gone :c glad to see you again and hope you keep the work up then gib us awesome animations again

  6. Good to hear from you Knight, been wondering what was up, figured it was life things, as it usually has a way of doing what it does.

    You mentioned needing to reach people about models, have you seen the digitalero tumblr, or the DE Tumblr/Contact Info link?

    ( )

    I really know nothing of animating, models, model conversions between animation programs, idk, but surely someone there should right?

  7. Woohoo you are back! I knew that visiting a few times per month would pay off. Glad to have you back!
    In terms of money, you could do comissions with your rules so your work is still your style?

  8. I hope he doesn't do commissions and finds a crowd funding system instead, commissions suck and usually lead to artists ceasing public work.

  9. So glad to hear from you. You are by far the best artist I've come across and I'm thrilled to hear that you are okay and that you're still doing what you love. It sucks to hear of your situation and I hope it certainly improves. I for one, would happily pay for your artwork and I hope you get to a point where you feel confident in being able to have the time to take commissions.

  10. could work as assistant, but i am not female, nor good looking, and actually also to busy.... well but i would if i could, glad to see u are still alive^^

  11. Glad to see ya back was getting worried that you had died with no word an going on a year kinda like rawdarkness no word just disappered with no idea what happened.

  12. Great to see you back! And I'm still patiently waiting on the follow-up on the epic mount tease :)

    As for Blender, it can be a bitch to learn, and yes, the SFM imports can be kind of buggy. Nothing like importing a model only to have half the flexes bug out on you. Thank god at least there are tools, imagine having to import without Crowbar (shutter). A great guide I've used for reference before is at

    As for other resources you may or not know about. is a great place for models and has some awesome tutorials on SFM to Blender imports. But more specifically, you might want to get in touch with Ganonmaster. He knows 3d modeling programs inside and out and has been incredibly helpful in the past.

  13. Good to see you're alive. Like others here I started to worry something bad might have happened too you as weeks dragged into months with not even so much as a "I'm too busy right now" type notice from you. I know in the past you've kind of been hesitant to hop fully on board the SFM train and I've always admired your 3D skills bit more then some other 3D artists for not using essentially effortless presets for your work.
    However as an artist I know its all about what fuels your creativity and most importantly whats enjoyable so if you switch to doing SFM type works I'll support it if thats what you now enjoy. Whether you go that route or not I shall continue to drop in sporadically to see if you've released anything new.
    PS thanks for the Hallow's Eve gift sound aside it was delicious.

    1. He's not hopping on the SFM train. But he would like to use some of the expansive library of already created SFM models released and import them to Blender. These models already have body groups, bones, flexes, uv and normal maps ready to go. The problem is this doesn't always work perfectly and he's looking for people that can help in that regard.

    2. What do you mean "sound aside it was delicious"?
      Didn't you like the sound? If so, plz tell my what you didn't like about it.

      And I am not hooping on to SFM.
      As Aspirante allready figured out, I just want to use to models, allready prepared for all kind of things.
      I would convert the triangles to quads, so I can improve them optically.
      But I would use most the nude figures there.

      And yeah, importing these models into blender didn't worked yet.

  14. We're just glad you'e alive. Welcome back!

  15. Hi Knight77 welcome to Blender,

    The best way that I find to use Blender, is with Daz3d.
    Step_01 Create your scene in Daz3d.
    Step_02 Use this script to export Daz3d scene in Blender.
    Script Info:
    Step_03 Render with Cycles in Blender.

    The limite is the memory use by your graphic card if you render with GPU, or CPU memory if render with CPU.

  16. You could start a patreon and have a pay model for when you update.
    That would mean it's no problem to be away for 9 months and when you did have work done you'd get instant reward in cash for it.
    I'd suggest to start out cheap (like 1$) just to get the masses without having to advertise yourself.

    Always loved your work and glad to see you are doing well and are still at it.

  17. hello, i can help you :3 what kind of help do you need? i know 3d max, blender, some maya, and learning unreal engine and cry engine. also all adobe pack and some other stuff :3

  18. hello, i can help you :3 what kind of help do you need? i know 3d max, blender, some maya, and learning unreal engine and cry engine. also all adobe pack and some other stuff :3