Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ellowas playing Santa

Hey there
Nothing new from my side, but I wanted to share something with you.

Everyone of you who is uptodate with good 3D artists and work will know the great and mighty Ellowas, and they will allready know that he has returned with a big bang.
If you didn't know, check out his wonderfull animation of the beautifull Widowmaker.

Now he got even more generous by providing his hard work of perfected 3D model to the rest of us mere mortals.

For me it is a perfect way to learn how a good retopo should look like and may try her for my own animations once I understand the basics of rigging in blender.

I finally got the model at least imported correctly within blender (which should normally be no problem with FBX, but see for yourself.....)

Just so don't have the same problems: Blender version 2.71 and before seems to work.
These versions can at least import the mesh correctly.
I will go to sleep now and look at the topo and everything else tomorrow or when I got the time.
But at least I can rest easy, now that I saw her correct in all of her beauty.


I just realized I didn't get the rig which is within this file, but the FBX importer with Blender 2.71 seems to not support it....
If I open it with FBX exporter from Autodesk, it looks fine in there, but I don't get it to work properly with Blender...
Arg this is driving me crazy....
This aaaaaaaaand major bluescreen problems, which just appeared yesterday....
FUCK! Will I ever have no problem appearing with this pc for more than two fuckings months...?


  1. You're alive. :) I didn't give up hope.

    Take your time Knight. We're happy to have you back.

  2. Merry Christmas Knight!! Have a good night ;D

  3. Are you going to post any of the work you never got around to finishing KSB?

    1. Thats the thing
      If it isn't finished, I won't post it, sry
      That's the problem of creative work, it acn allways end up bad and you don't get anything out of it

  4. (ノ^_^)ノ Happy New Year Knight!!

    1. Thanks for the wishes and the same to you
      Enjoy the new stuff

  5. Happy new year knight! Take your time, we'll be waiting patiently :) For issues, why not drop a post where people can respond on to help you?

  6. Seems you lost interest again, a pity you were making some amazing work with your castanics :(
    Would be nice if you could post your unfinished work at least maybe? even if for a fee!

    1. Not the interest is missing but the time

  7. I really hope luck goes in your favor and all your technical issues get resolved sooner rather than later, I honestly wish I can get to see more of your work as I've only discovered you today. Please don't compare the amount of traffic you get with that of other animators, you do stuff no one else does tbh. (Castanics 4 lyf)

    1. I think you will find a lot you like here ;)
      And I don't compare the traffic amount xD
      I am quite aware that every product needs advertising and social media, and I am obviously not doing that a lot, but I am fine with that
      Castanics 4 evrrrrrr!
      ... and other pointy ears beauties

    2. Lmao so glad that you're here, are you still working on that 'project' of that blowjob animation where we can replace the the character blowing 'us'?

    3. Sorry that project encountered some difficulties.
      I will see if I can it work somehow on my own