Friday, September 3, 2010

Raiding the Inner Sanctuary

I rendered the scenes again and edited them
now here is the full animation scene


Raiding the Inner Sanctuary Vid

it's compressed in mp4, so the file is not even 10MB
but if you like, I could upload the avi file, which is about 800MB unpacked xD but the pictures are simply more brilliant
or I still got some mistakes in the converting process...
well^^ just compare with the preview image and you will see the different

I would like to hear your thoughts about this ;)

here the unfinished version of the vid
unfinished vid

and the pictures for my new banner

as well a new button to link

didn't like the old one anymore :P


  1. Hello Knight77!

    Its looks like you already enjoing C4D ? Good job, keep it up! :)

  2. ^^ nope, it's still poser :P
    haven't tried it again yet
    was working on the whitemane figure and wanted to finish that first

  3. had a look at your vid, nicely done, maybe make a set a vid like rastakax does with his bestial, very nice.

    Aussie Fan

  4. Thats interesting! Just for reference, in C4D every single frame with this lighting(no GI, only AO, and simple mats) will take only 5-10 minutes. And ofcorse very nice whitemane character, i like her, just one little thing, imo her hands are too thick.
    I think the most usefull muscle morphs located in CDI Morphia -
    Also with them you can raise up hip part of v4, and lower down her vagina, so it's maybe very usefull for your animations... ;)

  5. I must say, the rendering in poser has extremly imporved when you are rendering similar images, if the textures are still loaded in the ram
    one frame was about 7min to render^^
    but thanks, I sure will test c4d again, and I will try that morphia soon I got money back on paypal

  6. Hi there.

    Couldn't really say anything about the quality, for I could only hear the sound. Well, gave me a chance to update my codec-pack, and now it works just fine.

    Oh yes, I think for a rather small 7MB-file the quality is really impressive. Love to see a video, where she is taken from behind, as seen in pic whitemane_01_wm.png.

    Have a nice weekend, everyone.

    Cheers, Jess

  7. I don't know WoW, but I can just say this: this character looks definitely awesome! And the animation is impressive indeed. I hope we'll see more of her.

    BTW: I have changed your banner on my blog :)

  8. Your characters (esp Whitemane) are looking fantastic -- love the animation work and I agree w/the others that I'd love to see more of the sequence animated :D

  9. Your work continues to impress, well done. I would greatly appreciate if you would include the download link for the (.wmi) format.

  10. Superb! Thank you very much.