Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scarlet Highlords

Who could that be :P


This is my version of Highlord Whitemane and Mograine
There definitly will be more pictures of this serie, these are the first ones

A brave warrior fighting the Highlords of the Scarlet Crusade.
After defeating the Highlord Mograine, an interesting change in the fight happend.
Whitemane offered herself to the young and strong warrior, which he couldn't resist.
Now it's time to raid her Inner Sanctuary.
But hasn't she forgot about something...?

This is a Fanart and alternitive version of Highlord Mograine and Whitemane
Mograine, Whitemane and the Scarlet Crusade are copyrighted by Blizzard

and here another version of the additional trading picture
the ground looked strange, so I changed it a bit


  1. Oh my.. I do hope that you'll continue with the scarlets?

  2. Nice set! Never played WoW, so had to look the names up. But if all their quests end like that, I very well might subscribe.

  3. too bad they don't end like this xD

    no but seriously, the whole story behind the scarlet crusade is really fancinating me
    maybe one of the readers of my blog knows what Whitemane usually do when her champion falls ;)

  4. ai well see more female orc