Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Rise my Champion!"

After Mograine raises again, the fight continues.
Whitemane has to withstand a siege of her Sanctuary from two sites. Highlord Mograine is penetrating her Frontgate, while the warrior is banging hard on her Backdoor. She is a tight situation, but she enjoys every single attack the two men are sending at her, no matter how hard they are.
For several hours she is withstanding the thrusting waves, until she is all filled up and can't take a single drop of these waves anymore.
A flood of satisfaction is spread all over her.
The warrior is finishing her of and is once more victorious after a long and messy fight.

Two Sited Siege Vid



  1. Yeah, DP !!!

    Love it. But please do not tell that was all ?!


  2. Well done, I really like this series ;)
    Any chance to know her outfit name? (or where I can find it)

  3. The Outfit is mixed out of different Sets and all the textures were edited by me, so you wont find exact this outfit^^
    but if you like I could send you a mail with the names of the parts and where you can find them

  4. Cool. For these BOOTS are made for fucking!


  5. sorry JCD, you got me wrong
    I meant it the other way xD
    there will sure be more of her, because I really like this character
    but not the next time, because I don't have time the next days/weeks to work on anything

  6. Hey,

    I didn't expect to see 50 new pics and a feature-length film of her popping up by next week! It was just the mere concern that you would not continue with her at all. But as you said/wrote yourself, this character has a lot of potential.

    Can hardly wait for more (what- or whoever) it might be.

    Cheers, Jess

  7. Thanks m8, I would like to receive more info about those outfits ;-)

    (I'm pretty sure you know where you can find my email contact ^_^).

  8. Outstanding continuation here -- and I have to agree with ZZomp -- I'd really love to know the details on her outfit - its superb!