Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reward I

There are allways bountys on traitors heads, so this horde fellow was lucky catching that elf before someone else does, or before she could escape.
Now he is on his way to claim his reward. Sure he allready had his own kind of reward with his captive. free image host free image host free image host free image host

Sylvanas allready noticed that by the look of the elves face...
But why should this traitor scum be the only one enjoying this mans greatness free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host


  1. That man has a bad case of the dreaded Mushroom Phallus sickness. He needs to have an apothecary look at it.

  2. Jajajajaja ^^ Sylvanas wan Jelous ^^

    Nice pics Knight77 ^^



  3. Really loved the second sequence with our dark elf. The captive scene was hot as hell too, but I think the DoF effect was a bit too strong. You are such a master of expressions and posing that it just seems like a shame to obscure them with heavy DoF.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. Nice idea, positioning and post-worked fluids...but I don't like so much that low-res textures cock. I have that props in my libraries from ages, I need to find some free time to work on an appropriate textures before using it.

    Have you already tried to use some hi-res textures on it? Just asking ;)

  5. @tony
    it is only a kind of flash-back, it's not supposed to be seen clear^^
    I updated it, that it looks more like that

    yeah I allready tried to fix the texture, but I don't know how a horsecock looks like (btw, this is version 2, it's not that old)
    I allready edited it with some other texture parts, so that ne testicles matches the rest of the mans body
    but if you have a better one, I would like to use it too ;)

  6. mmm...version 2? Do you mean there is a recent version of this horse cock props? I found it a couple of months ago, dunno if it's the last version. Anyway, would be nice seeing an high-res horse cock with bumbed veins, wet highlights for the head and maybe some fur at the shaft base. I definitely have to work on this as soon as possible to try some serious renders for the new year ^_^